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Driving lessons finally over! I’m excited to get a license and finally hit the road. Kidding. I’m scared. Really scared, but I’m also very excited. I was looking forward to my lessons cos then I can finally validate all the driving knowledge I had kept in my brain while observing my dad do his usual ultra-defensive driving. In my head, I know how to shift gears and turn. In my dreams, I’m racing the highway. In real life, I’m struggling to keep the engine moving, failing every now and then especially on uphill turns. Hay, but I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to practice more.

Earlier this evening was the last day of my driving lessons. I woke up pretty late so I rushed my ‘grooming’, skipping ironing my hair HAHA. Then something happened, I left my student permit!!! When I was nearing their office I reached to my back pocket to get my evaluation form and student permit and panicked when I realized they’re not there. So I reached to my bag in hopes I left them in the front pocket of my backpack but holey moley they’re not there as well. Pag minamalas ka nga naman o, kung kelan last day ko na. I was thinking if maybe my instructor could drive me home so I could get my permit… buti na lang before I could enter the office I heard two men calling out to me, THEY PICKED UP MY PAPERS ON THE ROAD! Must’ve fallen while I was crossing! THANK GOODNESS DEAR LORD, you couldn’t imagine my glee. Yeyyy.

Today, I got around the farthest and managed to reach the 3rd gear cos we finally ventured to Commonwealth area where my comfortable 30 kph was challenged by the 60kph speed limit. I only went as fast as 40 and didn’t dare push further, ‘cos my instructor won’t let me anyway, not that I wanted to. It was very fulfilling, albeit some jumps, I think with more practice I can finally drive myself to the office and back bwahaha. That’s the goal.


* is the driving school