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The Sunday Currently (vol. 23)

Long time no Sunday Currently, so here you go hehe


Nothing. I wonder if I really liked to read in the first place. I’m never the voracious reader, who could read almost any type of material and has a huge vocabulary. I get easily bored if I don’t like the style.

Anyway, God is Disappointed in You and Me Before You are both on hold. I started reading The Last Song this week but I didn’t like the heroine so I stopped reading haha.

Rewatching Heartstrings KDrama. Also regularly waiting for new uploads of Game of Thrones S06.

To instrumental cafe music on youtube (here). I hope I could download them but no online converter would let me cos they’re too long, like three hours huhu.

Two weeks ago my playlist looped around Reese Lansangan’s first album, Arigato, Internet. Grabe, love her voice (but hate her rapping)! My favorite (and I’m trying to kapa the chords) would be Creeper ‘cos I could relate haha. Edit: I’m not trying to kapa anymore, I’m just asking around for the chords lol.

About how to really get back in shape. I want to lose at least 5kgs for the sake of my withering self esteem and wilting wardrobe funds. The healthy lifestyle doesn’t excite me too much and requires a lot of commitment, but I’m always willing to try. I’m looking into subscribing to diet meals (again) but I’m getting frustrated trying to bargain for a different delivery schedule (Monday to Friday PM) just so it would fit my fkn graveyard shift.

Speaking of the graveyard, looks like working a different shift isn’t going to be possible for me unless I get moved to another team or get sent onsite long-term. I’m hating it again cos it’s starting to (yet again) get in the way of my bonding time with Jeckie. We only meet on Saturdays and I’m always so sleepy pa huhu

Massage oil <3

I get to work a different shift naman. I’m really going to resign next year if my shift doesn’t get better or if I don’t get promised long-term onsite assignment (blog, don’t jinx this). I know it’s going to be unfair to my team lead, cos if anything, he’s the most deserving to be flown for good, but I can’t ignore my own needs as well. Whatever.

Singlet and shorts


This footbridge being constructed along Quirino avenue, between Robinsons Novaliches and SM Fairview. Soon there will be no fear crossing the pedestrian! I do wish it was connecting the two malls directly but this is already superb. I wanted to say change is really coming but I’m not sure if Duterte is to be credited with this project so, Thanks DPWH! Rare times they build something sensitive to the commuters’ needs. 

To start reading Inferno by Dan Brown.

To lose weight

Heavy, as always lol.