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One day while applying for a student permit

How to apply for a student permit at LTO East Ave.

Last week since it’s swelday, I took the chance to finally enroll in a driving school while I still have the money lol. So on the way home, I inquired at one of the nearest driving schools to our house (Xcel) and readied the requirements.

They only asked for a student permit so okay I went to LTO and applied for one. The entire process took a lengthy 2 hours. First I was led to a shabby LTO accredited clinic along East Ave. to have my medical permit (₱200) then I was directed to queue somewhere inside the LTO complex for evaluation, picture taking, payment (₱317.63), and releasing.


I didn’t know this was required so I was very reluctant when the guard I asked for directions told me to secure a medical certificate first because it’s a requirement. Watda. I thought I was being scammed but I still followed the lead of one of the guys he called out to help me find a clinic outside. I was very suspicious along the way but eventually I learned it’s really required lol. The medical exam is really just an eye test, a very casual one. The “doctor” just points at random letters on the Snellen chart and you read ’em. Masabi lang na na-medical ka. Oh well papel, this has been going on for decades. What can I do. :

Then I walked back to LTO to get a queue number and application form. I filled it out and waited until my number is called for evaluation.


Where I handed the clerk my queue number, application form, medical permit, and a photocopy of my NSO certified birth certificate. She validates and encodes the data, then points to a notepad window on her computer where the next step is written. That is, go back to my seat and wait for my name to be called for picture taking.

I was called back to the first window cos my address was too long daw. Not my fault their data encoding application has a character limit for street names, what a bummer. They resorted to trim my subdivision address further. I would personally resort to throw back the app to the developers for a quick change on input maxlength, but what am I to do but whine. Yeah, like a true millennial.

Picture taking

Yadda, yadda, yadda. They also ask for your signature. Btw, I just had to roll my eyes at one of the girls there making paganda to the camera (ang sama ko lol). If anything, I want all my government pictures to look bad (not that there’s any effort involved) if only to show my displeasure (in hopes it would) at the type of service they’re giving. But this girl is in all smiles, all kulot, and made-up like she’s going to some party kanto to get picked-up. I can’t blame her, she’s probably not paying taxes yet, I still rolled my eyes anyway.


Easy breezy, but I just had to rant about the fee — ₱317.63. I don’t know where they get their figures or how they compute for such and such fees but what the hell may butal talaga? I paid ₱500 and was given ₱182 for sukli. I was short-changed by 37 cents. No biggie. What’s 37 cents anyway. Well, what is 37 cents times the number of applicants they short-changed that day, that month, that year? Where does that un-audited sum go? If I knew the exact fee I would’ve prepared the exact amount up to the last centavo if only to mock them. Char. And yes, I’m accusing LTO, the government rather, of pocketing my change. 😛


It’s really the waiting that gets to my nerves. Sure there are seats, and there are industrial fans, but it’s still too hot. Weather’s not LTO’s fault yeah? Of course not, that’s just me being arte lol.

I was excited to receive my student permit but I gathered I had to let my excitement die after reading the notes on the windows saying that due to their incompetence in managing supplies, all they can give in exchange of our ₱318++ and precious hours is the official receipt. So much for picture and signature taking. Why don’t we just skip that step if we’re not gonna receive the official paper anyway? We’re all just given OR’s that would serve as our student permit cos they’re (still) out of resources. I say just make the OR the official student permit so we won’t keep on wondering what it is. It’s only valid for a short time anyway and will be used for a specific purpose only so it doesn’t matter what form it takes. I guess it’s also the reason LTO stopped caring about it. But still.

Aaaand that’s it. As much as possible I want to limit my transactions with government offices cos I almost always go home pissed. That day was nothing new. I’ve always had major trust issues with the government, well who doesn’t nowadays. I always had to mentally question why this and that is required and internally whine at the blatantly corrupt practices they employ. Gosh, this sucks.