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Giving juicing another chance


Or the other way around cos it’s really me who doesn’t want to give up on losing weight the easy (but expensive) way. Last week I ordered a 3 day juice cleanse package from Pure Jus. And in fairness, it’s one of the best tasting blends I’ve ever tasted. Sly Diet still tops the list unless they’ve changed ingredients. I also tried Sexy Detox last month and it sucked big time cos I think they gave me expiring bottles. Not three days in the chiller and it smells rotten at the lid. Eew. Do not buy there. Their Hulk Green is slimy and gross (which is weird cos it’s not the first time I ordered the hulk green. This last one just tasted repulsive), the only drink I enjoyed was their Grape Jolt.

Anyway, I’m on my 3rd day of taking Pure Jus and I haven’t lost weight lol. But that’s because I can’t hold my cravings. On my first day I cheated a lot already, eating snacks with my juices. It wasn’t a pure juice diet for me but I sure didn’t eat a lot that day. I mean, even you combined all my Day 1 cheats (2 packs of crackers, half a brownie, 2 small cheese bread, 1 pandesal, banana, this is embarrassing, mango caramel bar, daing, I should stop, and corn soup), it’s still not halfway the amount of food I ingest on a regular day. Argh, why is it so hard to eat less.

Disappointing as it seems, that’s how it went for the next two days. I already ate rice on my second day in the form of two onigiris from Family Mart. On the third day my self-control became worse as I ate two rice meals. haha. I should feel bad about myself after wasting almost ₱6,000 in hopes of shedding off even a pound, but for some reason I don’t. Does juicing make you this optimistic? Or did 6k just seem like barya to me? Charot on the latter of course. 😛

I can attest though that I felt better, albeit not lighter, than how I usually feel working the graveyard shift. I wasn’t sleepy at work (though I was expecting I should as a form of side effect) and my mind was active. I DIDN’T CRAVE FOR COFFEE. Day 1 was my proudest day, cos I only ate snacks throughout the day and my tummy didn’t fill up that much. I think I could follow up on this!

2 out of the 6 bottles I have to take everyday are lemon maple juices, which are very easy to make. I think for my next attempt at making fad diets work, I should retry the lemonade diet and modify it so that I get to eat solid foods still. Day 1 kindof worked for me in a way cos I drink and eat lightly every 2 hours.

Now that I’ve disclosed my future diet plans, let’s forget about it.