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In between watching my scripts run and obsessively refreshing the messages tab to check the errors, I heaved a sigh and figured life is only as interesting as I make it to be. In short, I’m bored and out of things to do to break the seemingly dragging routine that is my day to day (night to night to be exact) job.

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After Descendants of the Sun, I didn’t know what to do to keep the fleeting feeling the show has brought me, I figured it’s mostly because I adore Joong-Ki so I watched Innocent Man, if only to satiate my craving to see him more.

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Then, just like any series, it ended, and again, I didn’t know what to do. But here I realized it wasn’t really Joong-Ki, but Song-Song’s overall chemistry that I’ve come to admire, so I learned I was just really looking for kilig. Seeing that there’s no other Song-Song series out there. I decided to ignore my feelings for Joong-Ki and watch another high-rated drama as suggested by KissAsian.

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Cheese in the Trap definitely goes to my favorite KDrama list. The story is engaging, stressful at times, and I hated the lead guy so much ‘cos he’s manipulative, creepy, mysterious, and is borderline psychotic. That’s why the second guy syndrome (when you prefer the other guy more than the lead guy) is so strong with this one! Anyway, when it ended, I didn’t feel the need to watch anymore dramas cos work was getting more demanding.

Then my life suddenly went to a stall. When did I become so heavily glued to watching KDramas that my entire life literally stops when my mind isn’t in anyeong mode? For a while I was even trying to learn to write in Korean. FTR, I learned to write Korea in Korean! That’s as far as it goes haha.

Anyway, after a while (one week and counting) of not watching any drama, I’ve managed to put my mind to another diversion, my favorite of all… DRAWING! K. Will be posting an art dump soon (or not cos I may be tamad).

Happy weekend goyz!