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Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 3

1. Xend has added more 7-Eleven drop off points, including the one nearest to the office. Yeyy!
2. Getting better sleep because of my blackout curtains <3
3. Found Abbey Sy’s postcard set at Ministop and immediately bought it. Such inspiration

4. Filling up my box at with Amazon stuff
5. Earned two free rides from UBER this week yeyyy.
6. Breakfast with college buddies

Beef tapa bowl @ Breakfast Bin

7. Potato Corner’s wasabi fries
8. Revlon and L’Oreal’s free hair color application at Landmark Trinoma is now PERMANENT. Rejoice! They’re beside Counter 3 of Landmark department store.
9. Finishing a doodle piece

A photo posted by Yan Birog (@yanbirog) on

10. Pretty lax work week

Thaaaank you Father! <3 <3 Happy April fools day and thankfully, this list isn’t a joke. 😛