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Month: April 2016

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    In between watching my scripts run and obsessively refreshing the messages tab to check the errors, I heaved a sigh and figured life is only as interesting as I make it to be. In short, I’m bored and out of things to do to break the seemingly dragging routine that is my day to day…

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  • What’s on my desk?

    One of the Skillshare classes I’m taking is Kate Bingaman-Burt’s Drawing Collections: Illustrating Stories through Taxonomy. In her class we are to produce a collection of illustrations that tell a story about ourselves. We are to make two sets; this is the first I came up with just by watching the first couple of videos…

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  • Virtual users

    Ten minutes to go before we resume training. But this time, I’m not the one being trained. I’m posing as an understudy so I can take on tomorrow’s class. Amazing. I never thought this day would come, not that I dream of it, that my role in the team is stepping up to not just…

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  • Bids

    While waiting for my script to run long enough without throwing up errors, let me waste some time here. This week, I was busy struggling to balance my work and life. Work being my daily QA job, and life — watching Song Joong-Ki. Hm. Joong-Ki is pretty much what my life is about for a…

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    The Happy List (vol. 1)

    Since I hardly publish on a Friday let’s just plain call this the happy list. 1. Got my copy of Reese Lansangan’s album, Arigato, Internet 2. Got my hair colored (light golden brown) at L’Oreal’s free hair color application at Landmark Trinoma (which is now permanently installed at the mall) 3. Mr. Kimbob’s Gimbap 4.…

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  • The case of the overly inspired

    You know when you were way too excited about creating something, but for some reason ended up producing nothing, because you were too busy getting motivated and collecting inspirational material instead of working? That’s the case of me and my Skillshare Premium account. When I heard about Skillshare offering 3 months premium membership for just…

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