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Setting up Fitbit Alta for the first time

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Got a new Alta? Here’s how to set it up the first time 😀

My Fitbit Alta just arrived in the mail yesterday and I was super excited to try it but I got so frustrated setting it up the first time! It just won’t sync on my phone! But after a bunch of googling and almost hitting that ‘refund’ button on Amazon, I was able to solve my initial setup problem, thank you Lord!

So here’s how to setup your Fitbit Alta for the first time 🙂

Short answer: 

Sync it using your PC and wireless dongle FIRST. Then it would be easier to pair it with your mobile next.

Short (story) answer:

I turned on the tracker by hooking it to the charging cable. It started alright: Fitbit logo, version number, and a message that says ‘fitbit.com/setup’. Okay, so I came to the link, and followed the setup instructions for Android. I downloaded the Fitbit app, registered a new account, and went on to add the device.
As per instructions, I kept the tracker plugged, charging, and nearby while the app tries to search for my Alta. Unfortunately, it just won’t pickup. I restarted my bluetooth, restarted my phone, tried to setup using my tablet, to no avail.
My heart was getting heavy cos I just recorded an unboxing video haha and was excited to shoot a ‘hands on’ one next. Clearly, not much hands are needed on a defective product so that’s frkn saaad.  Anyway, what’s extra saddening is having to comb through this difficulty knowing that I can only have it refunded. I can’t wait any more days to get a replacement since I’m leaving the US this weekend. I really want this thing to work.

Google eventually led me to a solution, which is to sync using the PC instead. The Fitbit Alta came with a wireless USB dongle you can use to sync your tracker to your PC, you just have to download an app. Apparently, while the OP was able to sync on her PC, it still wouldn’t sync with her phone. Much to her dismay, it looks like she can only sync all her Fitbit data on a PC. That makes her Alta a defective one.
And so I tried. I installed Fitbit Connect on my PC, plugged in the wireless dongle, and prayed hard for this solution to work. 
And it did! My Alta finally appeared on the list of devices on my dashboard! Yayyy!
But that doesn’t end my problem, the real moment of truth is validating whether it would sync via Bluetooth, otherwise I would have to return the item. I unplugged the dongle and refreshed the Fitbit app on my phone to see if it has listed the Alta as well. It did! And after a couple of clicks, MY ALTA FINALLY SYNCED! Thank God!
That’s pretty much it, if you’re having trouble setting up your Alta for the first time, use your PC instead. I’m thinking it’s the real proper way of setting up your Fitbit.
Hope this helps and sorry for the excessive blabber!

Next up: Fitbit Alta Unboxing and Review