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Diet hard

I missed the days when I would immediately turn to blogging when I’m bored and have nothing better to do. Well, this is one of those times but I’m guilty of not immediately opening up the text editor lol. I really should get some sleep, it’s only supposed to be 1:30 am right now but DST happened and sucked back time so everybody in this part of the planet shall be sleepless by an hour. Arg.

I’m going home on the 19th and I don’t like how I’m preparing myself for it. I consciously dedicated my last two weeks here to eating healthy and exercising but guess what, if anything, I’ve managed to stay put on that part of the scale that reads 155lbs. I wonder what I’m doing wrong, but on the plus side, I didn’t gain anything. HAHA.

Last week I tried GM diet and failed mostly because I get super hungry at night and binge on snacks, choco almonds, and my housemate’s cooking. Later on, I discovered these cold pressed juices being sold at Sam’s club in 49oz portions and thought this is the answer! I’m going on a juice cleanse!

So yeah. I’m doing that hahaha. Good night.