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The Sunday Currently (vol. 21)


Hey goys! It’s been a while!

I’ve been busy with a lot of things, mostly work and setting up my new laptop YEYY! I bought a refurbished HP Spectre on Amazon and I’m still in the process of feeling it out. I already have a growing list of pet peeves but they’re mostly first world problems like,
1) It boots too fast I can’t catch the BIOS setup, 
2) The screen is so high def and my favorite apps aren’t being scaled properly (ie. photoshop and illustrator), 
3) I’m scared of scratching the aluminum casing and it bugs me when my watch’s buckle taps on the surface as I type. Gaaaaahd,
and so on…

On the plus side, it looks like a Macbook Pro 13 after putting on the black keyboard protector yeyy! HAHA Laptop goals eh ano ba.




I started reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes after watching this trailer:

Well, the clip pretty much shows the entire story already but I thought it should still be worth the read hihi. I cried watching the trailer so that makes it a must read. Also, Daenerys x Finnick and their lovely accents!

Nothing in particular, I’m thinking of indulging in an OTWOL marathon once the series is finally over (LAST 3 WEEKS NA OMGEHH)


My boyfriend told me about this new band called Unit 406 where two of our friends are in. Since then, I’ve been playing it on loop! Seriously, their music is all original and super nakaka-LSS. Embedding here so you could listen,

PENDULUM #WalangForeverCredits to Lakbay Production for this video.
Posted by Unit 406 on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Acoustic version of our new song entitled “Kahit Na Anong Sabihin Ng Iba”. Enjoy! :)#KiligSession
Posted by Unit 406 on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Unit 406 – Hahanapinsaan kaya nagtungo ang sayangdatiy umaapaw sa iyong mga mataoh wag na sana pang ipagkaitlambing at langit na bakalumipad, napadpad sa kalawakannagtatago mong pagibigsaan ko hahanapin
Posted by Unit 406 on Sunday, January 31, 2016


About how to properly manage my files so that I don’t get bummed whenever I’m moving from PC to PC. I have more than a hundred gigs worth of files that I don’t know where to keep, and thousands of photos I’m having a hard time sorting out! T__T It takes an era to move them completely arg.


Nothing hehe


Software is sold cheaper. It’s only here in the US that I ever considered buying software cos torrent is illegal and somehow, there’s a level of security I feel with using up to date apps. But then, software companies are suddenly rolling out their products in subscriptions instead of one-time purchases and I don’t think I’m ready to shell out $20/mo on Adobe Photoshop alone. T__T

Right now, I’ve just decided to subscribe to 1 thing and that’s an antivirus haha


Shirt and long johns 😀


That I’m being financially helpful to my family right now. I wish this could go on forever but eventually I have to go home, and all the extra income I have saved here will be poured to renovations and investments and I’ll be back to feeling poor and underpaid HAHA.


To save a lot cos I’ve been spending too much on Amazon lately. 

To get a cracked version of Adobe CC cos I heard it supports HD screens and Retina display. The perils of engaging in new technology agad agad. I thought it was cool that my new laptop has a super crisp and HD display but then most of the apps I use and web pages I visit aren’t HD ready so it’s a bummer having to see pixelated icons and scaled down views. Now I have to wait for everything to upgrade huhu. T_T
The need to step up my game in losing weight. It’s already Feb! I’m going home next month and I need to recover from all the weight I gained and all the cholesterol I’ve happily welcomed to my arteries.

Have a great week you goys! 🙂