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Month: February 2016

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    Friday's 10 Happy Things // 1

    First time I’m posting with regard to Philippine time (ie. not late) since I came here. Decided to join in this weekly link-up by Helga because I’ve been getting random bouts of homesickness lately and it saps what little optimism I have in life. Char. Figured it’ll be good to sit and think of happy…

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    The Sunday Currently (vol. 22)

    Haler! As usual, posting this a little over Sunday here hehe. Currently Reading I started with Me Before You a couple of weeks ago but I was diverted with something more interesting for me, God is Disappointed in You, so I want to finish that first haha. It’s a modern retelling of Bible stories from…

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    5 reasons you should come to Nuffnang's Blogopolis 4D

    In which I invite you to attend a blog and social media conference happening this Saturday! Why? 1. It’s their cheapest Blogopolis yet! Regular ticket price: ₱499 ONLY Discounted rate: ₱349 (for students and senior citizens) For the past installments they’re usually around ₱1,000 so that’s a huge mark down! You don’t really need to…

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  • Wed's up?

    New layout! Thanks VeeThemes! I’m loving it so far except that it’s given me such a pain in the neck customizing the nitty-gritties. I’m 90% done tweaking this layout, all that’s left is personalizing the widgets. My biggest issue with this theme (as well as most VeeThemes) was that I couldn’t find the article_header section…

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  • hey

    Just a warning, I’m in the middle of changing my blog template so you might see a couple of stuff flying here and there, posts missing and popping (especially if you’re browsing), and an abundance of latin placeholders. Please bear with this freak as she tweaks with the layout! 😀

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    The Sunday Currently (vol. 21)

    Hey goys! It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with a lot of things, mostly work and setting up my new laptop YEYY! I bought a refurbished HP Spectre on Amazon and I’m still in the process of feeling it out. I already have a growing list of pet peeves but they’re mostly first world…

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