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[Day 0] Prayer and Fasting 2016


January 18, 2016 CST is DAY 0

Getting used to the cold

Uhm. Day 0 is really just an excuse. I got super sleepy last night I wasn’t able to reach Day 1 of the P&F booklet I’m using. 🙁

Anyway. Let’s say Day 0 is prep day for what I’m supposed to fast on for the coming days.

As usual, I decided to fast on social media, uninstalling Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on my phone and tablet and fighting the urge to open said sites on a PC.

They really are my major distractions and if I wanted to keep a stable devotion I should avoid checking them every now and then. Problem is, looks like I’m not really distracted by them. I’m distracted at just about anything. Group chats, eBooks, emails, surveys. I figured that I’m naturally a person with a terrible attention span. I couldn’t focus on a single thing. Even if I closed all the windows in my PC right now, I’ll always be able to find something to take my mind off what I’m supposed to be focused on. 🙁

Oh, I’m also not joining lunch with my friends this week. I know it’s gonna be hard cos as far as my social life is concerned, that’s all I’ve got hahaha. Hay Lord. XD

I want to start the year by bettering my spiritual life. I want to read the Bible, contemplate on God’s word, and spend my me time productively.

And I’m gonna do just that. 🙂

Reading the prologues of this P&F booklet I have (and also talking to my boyfriend), I was reminded about the misconceptions of embarking on a fast. This year, I’m fasting because I want to improve my spiritual life and cry out the needs of our society. Not because I want to lose weight, and not because I have a special request that needs divine intervention. This year, I’m fasting because I want to rekindle the feeling of being riveted with God’s word, getting caught up with His message. I want to reinstate my devotion to him.