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The Sunday Currently (vol. 19)


Writing this 30 mins before Sunday expires and publishing 2 hours after but whatever hehe



Nothing. I was lazily getting bits of The Hunger Games, but recently I moved my ebooks from the internal memory to the SD card and in the process lost my bookmarks so I don’t know where to continue reading haha


Nothing on a regular basis.

Earlier watched Insurgent on HBO and I CRIED when Tris died after passing 4 of 5 simulations. Then I recalled it wasn’t the last of the series so I was hoping for her to be revived eventually, and she did! Tears wasted but who cares haha.

Also, I wanted to watch Miss Universe 2015 but I couldn’t find FOX on the TV so I thought I’d just live stream the thing but I overslept HAHA so in the end I just watched snippets of the coronation on facebook. You already know how crazy it was! Congratulations Ms. Philippines! My heart goes to Ms. Colombia as well. I wouldn’t mind her giving an attitude about this, that was a damn hard call on her.

If I were Ms. Colombia, I would feel terribly bad, probably bitch about it in a joking manner since I’m sure everyone’s already assuming I should give in to the bitterness LOL. Also, I would forgive Steve Harvey.


to The Vents lol


That everything really just comes to pass. This week I was fidgeting over being emcee of our company Christmas party, but now that it’s over I just got to say… yes, things really just go along with time. Look, it’s over now.

I was too nervous the entire week cos even though it wasn’t a formal event, I still think my co-host and I had to practice. Well, we didn’t. Then again I thought it’s not really a big deal, they just wanted voices to keep the program flowing so the least we had to do is announce raffles and presentations, and everything will just come into place. It wasn’t too formal anyway, so that helped. Didn’t need a script for it. Yeah right.

To be honest, I liked the idea of emceeing but not on informal events (cos you had to adlib a lot and joke. And I’m not a funny person). This was my second time emceeing but the first was super formal, we had a script, and my co-host and I had practiced. But this… was more spontaneous. And being super stiff on jokes and a non-spontaneous person in general, it was an embarrassing feat for me. Anyway, they’ll forget about it! At least I have an extra-curricular onsite activity to report LOL.

Sir Kim who won the major prize, Ayie my co-host, and I
The theme was ugly sweater, and well I just needed a sweater. 😛




I had a driver’s license. My housemate’s license is expiring on the 25th and we couldn’t get it renewed cos LTO’s being its usual incompetent self, denying absentee renewal even though it’s the first item in their FAQ, saying they’re fixing some system issues and stuff and couldn’t accommodate renewals without personal appearance.

Ever since I got here, I’ve been hating our government more and more. Grr

Since he couldn’t drive past the 25th, we had to carpool with others.

The bad: It’s a hassle for them. We have to wake up early. We have to adjust to each other’s schedules. We can’t go out on random errands anymore (not that it has ever happened).

The good: The more the merrier. I think it’s going to be fun. We’re not gonna be left out when they go out after hours HAHA (I hate the feeling of being left out lol).. unless they forget about us. or me. LOL




Uhm, Minnesota? Naks. Maybe the steady paced life and the environment here.


To get my brows fixed at Eyebrowdery or Pretty Looks. It’s a hefty 20k something though. I’m seriously considering this HAHA. Who knows lol.


To snap out of my being soooo affected about the little things that don’t matter to the people I think who should care. Most of the time I’m just overthinking LOL so yey, that’s a good thing. At least I only have myself to fix, now isn’t that a problem.


Confused about myself, no homo. How hard is it to be myself and just be true to my own ways? Wow. I guess I was too sheltered and loved to ever bother thinking about this HAHA.

There are days when I just wake up in a bad mood for no reason then remember that I can’t be in a bad mood cos I didn’t want to bother any one with my mood swings so I get up, take a shower, prep, and literally force a smile. MOOD SWINGS ARE REAL, but forcing a smile is like forcing the universe to to give me a happy day. IT WORKS.

I seriously have mornings when I just want to keep silent all throughout the day, but I’m not one to deny any one a conversation so sige na nga lol. Was I always like this?

I’m also bothered that my boyfriend thinks I’m childish. All these time I thought I was doing well as an adult, so it gets to me when I’m perceived as childish or immature or too young. Well, I am inexperienced in a lot of ways but I didn’t want to be seen as childish, argh. 🙁

Oh well, whatever. I’m hungryyyy