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The Sunday Currently (vol. 18)

It’s a little over 12mn here in MN but it was Sunday when I created this so I insist haha.

I know I mentioned I’m over doing TSC’s so I’m sorry to be back. I’m still bad at scheduled posts, but I’m really just looking for reasons to blog regularly cos I’m too lazy to tell stories recently. Even PR postings are becoming a fuss. I’m just too lazy for anything.

Lumbersexual dude getting my skis 

So here you go, I’m reviving the old tag, trying to get back to writing every now and then about what’s up. Mind you, I have a ton of entries sitting in drafts but I never got the time to complete them cos there’s just so much happening I want to share, and it gets me lost trying to arrange them in a cohesive manner haha. I guess it pays to be really religious in updating stuff so events don’t pile up and I don’t confuse my tenses lol.


Nothing. I’m struggling to finish my Good Reads goal of at least 1 book a month but I guess I’m not the reader I used to be anymore.

Writing Watching
Yesterday, I watched A Second Chance and graaaabe lang how emotional and relatable it is. At the end of the movie I was bawling like crazy ‘cos I was afraid of ending up with their problems a few years into married life. But oh well, I realized Jeckie and I are nowhere near Basha and Popoy so if ever we get into those challenges (cos they’re real as hell), we’ll work it out differently. What I’m sure of is that there’ll be no plates and toasters breaking. Yey.

To a couple of youtube videos and the vent humming.

N/A cos I just inserted it just now haha. Forgot lol. Sarreh. Wasn’t thinking, yah.

Nothing (cos I got used to it) but my room smells like this body oil every time I enter, AND I LOVE IT!

Neutrogena Body Oil in Light Sesame Formula. I use it as an after shower moisturizer cos it’s faster to apply compared to lotion, isn’t sticky, moisturizes really well, and smells like the spa. I haven’t checked if it’s available in the PH but it’s a drugstore staple here. Hope to find this when I’m back home next year! XD

For our Christmas bonus to arrive already. Arg.


Amazon so freaking much. I’ve invested most of my dollars in gift cards and lately it’s become a happy place for me. Like a garden I could get lost in and come out broke, haha.

A lot of material stuff. I’ve put tons of items in my Amazon wishlist but we’ll see. Right now I think I’ve hoarded enough art materials to last me a couple of downtimes but so far that hasn’t happened yet. Makes me think if I’ve wasted moolah over these, but heyyy they make me happy just by looking at them! haha #hoarderProblems

To lose weight! I’m bordering on 150lbs already omgehhh so part of my Amazon wishlist is actually weight loss items like MCT oil, GHEE butter, blender bottle, OH YOU KNOW WHERE I’M GOING. HAHA

I figured that since I’ve always wanted to try how bulletproof coffee works, might as well try it now where it’s super easy to get the real ingredients. In the PH we have Battle Brew, but I never got to buy my own starter kit so yeah, I feel like it’s about time! haha

Super sore after skiing for the first time last Friday. Here’s a photo of me at Buckhill Ski Resort with the skis off cos I never got a decent pic with them on being that I’m always skidding off somewhere trying to get my balance haha. What a struggle!

The boots are freaking heavy and tight and I just can’t get how to brake and turn properly. Twice I ended up sliding off the edge and onto the pavement and man was it a chore to get up. I can’t. I always need someone to push me to standing position. Grabe. HAHA. I would also always cross my skis in an attempt to brake, ending up in a dangerous position where I had to muster all my remaining balance to keep still while waiting for someone to take me out of my misery. It’s that position where one misstep could break me a leg, literally.
Anyway, it was a great experience! I know I won’t be back on the slopes anytime soon, except perhaps when they finally open tubing, but it’s good to have tried it at least once! It was a great night overall! We also became friends with one of our instructors, Roger, who couldn’t believe how nice we are! HAHA I know we’re nice and all, but until now it puzzles me how nice he thinks we are. I mean, we just kept on laughing at his grandfather jokes and engaging in conversation about his yesteryears, and we’re already the nicest people he knows! What an honor! Also a validation that the Philippines is a really happy nation. HAHA diba diba. :))
To be honest, I didn’t expect to have fun specially that there’s just the four of us. But oh well, we we’re laughing and teasing each other on the way back cos we earned a lot of titles that night. When we got home we spent the rest of the evening guffawing over baked sausages and vodka (w/ ginger beer and lime. it’s pretty perfect)!
That’s about it! I was warned this week’s gonna be crazy at work so wish me luck!
Have a great week ahead! 😀