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Manila, get ready for UberCHOPPER this Saturday!

Source: http://newsroom.uber.com/manila/2015/11/uberchoppermnl/

Just spreading the news I received in the mail today! Uber Manila has teamed up with Airtrav (a local company operating air charter services) to give us a one of a kind experience of taking off with a chopper and going on an aerial tour of the metro!

This Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 8am to 10am— fire up your Uber app and request for an UberCHOPPER! Simple right? An UberBLACK will then take you and your friends to the helipad.

Other important information (that I’m quoting from the Uber newsroom):

  • When you request, make sure you and your friends are at the same pick-up location and ready to go. Your car will only pick up at one location and will wait a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Strictly limited to 3 passengers per flight (you plus 2 of your friends)
  • UberCHOPPER will fly a fixed 10-minute route– you will not be able to request your own destination
  • Refreshments will be provided and you’ll get a free UberBLACK ride to take you back home once you’re done
  • All fliers must be at least 18 years or older and should be a Filipino citizen
  • You must bring a Philippine government-issued ID indicating your date of birth (Please have your Philippine ID with you or you will not be allowed to board the flight)
  • Uber is not a direct air carrier
  • All air services advertised will be provided free of charge by Airtrav. Uber has no responsibility or liability for any transportation services provided to you by third party providers.
  • If the weather doesn’t permit, UberCHOPPER will be rescheduled to a later date

Take note, this isn’t a transportation service, it’s a TOUR. 😀

Thinking of Blade? Let’s all hope Uber’s heading that way! 😀


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