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Up up and away!

I’m temporarily officially quitting The Sunday Currently cos I’m bad at scheduled posts, even my Food Phase Fridays is slowly being abandoned but I swear to get back on it cos I’ve lot to share pa! 🙂

So, what’s up?

I’m scheduled to leave the country next week for a 3-month business trip at our client base in the US (Minnesota). This was something I’ve been holding back on sharing cos nothing was final yet until last week when I was emailed some booking confirmation. I didn’t want to get ahead of my excitement so I kept it a secret from this space. Plus I have a feeling this blog likes to ruin my plans haha so yeah. Have you ever felt that way with your blog too, like every life plan you’ve published never found its way to fruition? Hahaha haaay.

But now that it’s pretty final (well, I don’t have the tickets yet!), let me pour out my excitement (aka thoughts) about this trip.

Snow! I’m guessing it’ll be underwhelming since most people I asked told me it’s just like ice from the freezer all over the place, plus I heard winter in MN can get really bad so there’s not much to love where snow is concerned. But still, I know nothing about snow, right? <3 <3 <3

It’ll be my first international flight! I’ve never been outside the country so this excites me like crazy. It’s also such a blessing that the company is shouldering all that. Even my visa application. Grabe thank God! When I was applying for a visa I was super scared of failing cos that’s some 7k the company could’ve wasted on me, and I didn’t want to let them down haha. Anyway, will be sharing my US Visa application on a separate post. ;D

Shopping. LOL I’m borrowing money from my parents cos swelday is so far and I have a pretty long list of things to buy, mainly pullovers and boots and other articles of clothing that’ll help me during winter which are cheaper when bought here. Haha I get sick easily in cold weather so I frkn have to wrap myself up properly.

Food. This is something I’m constantly worried about, unless I’ll be stationed in a different house, the nearest place I can get some food would be Walmart, and that’s 4kms away from the staff house (accdg. to google maps). Not a distance I can leisurely walk my way too, especially during hard winter days. But I haven’t searched up about their mass transit options so I hope it gets better than what’s in my head haha.

Should I take my friends out? 3 months isn’t really long right, but I’ll be missing my birthday, Christmas, and New Year here so I’m thinking of taking select people out. But I’m broke, so I’m writing this to alert this blog. You know what to do!

Let’s not forget work. With all the excitement it’s easy to forget what I’m really coming there for haha. I’ve been performing so bad at work lately, in fact I’m supposed to do some weekend work to compensate for the frkn delays I’ve caused, but I got sick yesterday and I can’t possibly be productive this time at the office, plus no one has emailed me yet if I needed to come in (not that I will), so I’m just gonna take this day to rest and just come super early tomorrow. Hay. I don’t want to say I’m loving my work just yet cos I’m still in the training period. And as with any discipline, it’s usually hard at the start, and most of the time I get anxious about not getting things right. Somehow I’m thinking if I really deserve to be sent there, cos it sounds like such a reward to be sent overseas, and I’m not even ripe for the opportunity considering tenure and technical skills haha. But. Hay. Lord. Thank you parin. XD

I will miss a lot of people. Just thinking about it makes me cry. My parents, my sister, my boyfriend. Haaaaayy. T___T;

I’m feeling sick again and I’m coughing my brains out so I’m gonna have to end this post already and go to sleep haha Good night goys and have a blessed week ahead! <3