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Month: October 2015

  • Minnesota Zoo

    Yeyy! My first official gala with my colleagues hihi. It’s fall season but it’s freakin cold here. I’m gonna warn you there are no animal shots in this particular pic spam cos the weather was too cold when we went there on Saturday, most of the animals in the park were either sleeping, bored, or… Continue reading

  • Live healthy and get rewarded with Philam Vitality

    Insurance companies today aren’t simply in the business of ensuring you’re protected enough with savings products in case something goes wrong *knocks on wood*. To show you how we really care, we’re now rewarding you for being healthy!  Image from Today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle has exposed many of us—from young adults to professionals alike—to… Continue reading

  • Today's agenda: fix my body clock

    Unless I want to suffer the coming week half-asleep in the office, I have to friggin correct my stupid body clock now. This isn’t even jet lag. This is just me sticking to my nocturnal habits. I thought I wouldn’t have a problem with the time difference here since I was working the graveyard back… Continue reading

  • Today's snaps: IKEA Home Furnishings

    I’m getting better at this! This day was pretty uneventful as far as work is concerned. I came for the drug test earlier this morning and was a bit sad it only took some 15 minutes HAHA. Eh kasi naman, I was hoping to just make pasundo after a supposedly lengthy drug test so that… Continue reading

  • Touchdown Minnesota!

    Fall Heya! Sharing with you a couple of snaps from yesterday’s (was it?) travel. MNL–NRT–LA–MSP. 😀 It’s my first international trip so I’m crazy excited about everything. I was travelling alone but I wasn’t too worried about it cos I’m sure there are people I can ask around for directions haha. Flying Delta 😀  I… Continue reading

  • Winter clothes hunting in the Philippines

    Kebs kung dollars ung nasa picture okay?! I’m leaving in a few days and I haven’t even started filling my luggage. Searching for the right clothes to wear in US winter season isn’t all that fun especially when I have to look in a tropical country. Good thing I inquired my officemates and the web… Continue reading