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Aside from missing another Sunday Currently and a couple of Food Phase Fridays, here’s what:

RIP Lola

My grandmother from my father’s side just died so it was a very busy week for the family. We had to take turns watching over the wake and were expected to be there almost daily. I used to wonder why people would take a week’s leave to bereave a loved one but that’s because I haven’t experienced being involved in the process this close. Now I know. It can be pretty exhausting.

My lola Mamang lived to be 89 years old and I’m proud that she managed to hold on for so long. She was in a comatose state for 3 years and when she regained consciousness she lived bedridden for another 12 years. I will never forget how she would look into our hands and never let go whenever we go to her side to pay respect. Often times we had to lull her with stories just so she would let loose. Now I somehow feel guilty of wanting to part hands. 🙁

I pray that God would take care of her soul and the hearts of the people who mourn for her. We will miss her dearly. <3 T__T

Freedom Run 2015

I signed up for 10k and woke up largely regretful after the run. HAHA Juicecolored my legs are in so much pain right now. I therefore conclude I’m not quite a runner yet, I’ll just call myself a running enthusiast ‘cos I still get excited about runs and regularly check out Pinoy Fitness for schedules but damn my fitness level is just so low I was only able to run some 1.5km before deciding to walk what’s remaining of 10k. My time: 1 hr and 46 mins.

As for the event, I’ll give it a 6/10. Here are the cons:
– No time chip
– Singlet sizes are small
– No race map provided
– They started 1 hour late which is so unforgivable. I hope they understand that running events are not something people usually go late to.
– There are no kilometer markers! Sure there were turn left/right and roundabout signs but none indicating how far we are in the race. 🙁

Also, this isn’t really a con but it’s disturbing how there’s a tent labeled Bureau of Customs in the sponsors ground. So much for an anti-corruption run no? haha

Anyway, it’s not all that bad, here are the good stuff:
– Ran into MARS9 friends Pastor Ruel and Tita Elena <3
– Discovered POCARI SWEAT. Ansarap pala neto?! And I thought it was just another overpriced ionized drink!
– Discovered Gardenia Wheat Bread with Raisins. I didn’t know there was one! Where do I buy a loaf of thee?!
– Ran with Pointwest people, and got left behind eventually HAHA. The company paid for us so yeyy for a free run! 😀

My Z1C still under repair huhu

It’s been almost a week since I left my phone at a repair shop at SM North EDSA. Buti na lang I had it checked by a specialist and didn’t go with my feeling-technician instincts. It’s not just about the LED screen now. There are parts of the motherboard corroded with chlorinated water, and after cleaning, the screen still won’t budge. They ordered a new screen and tried hooking it up, but the touchscreen still won’t work! Now I don’t know what the problem is. I think the worst that could happen is to have the motherboard repaired, which would be very expensive. I do hope the parts can be sourced locally, or that Sony is still producing spares for Z1C. Otherwise I’d have to chop the phone and sell by parts. Huhu T__T

I’m hating Sony a lot for this. Advertising a waterproof phone that dies underwater? Just great. And reading the forums hasn’t helped a bit, most of the users with the same problem had to shoulder the parts and repair costs cos their warranty doesn’t cover underwater ‘misuse’. Sony reps have all brought back the blame to users for not securing the ports enough. Super BS customer service and false advertising, I say.

And here I am, anticipating the Z5 Compact like I haven’t learned enough. Nakakainis!!!

Good thing

I just finished downloading Talk Back and You’re Dead! Yeyy! And I’m in the process of redownloading City Hunter cos I suddenly miss Lee Min Ho. hoho