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Last week at Nuvali 🙂


Nothing. Aw. I’m so behind my GoodReads 2015 Reading Challenge haha

Writing Watching
I’m changing it to watching cos writing isn’t really that relevant for me unless I tell you about my backlogs lol.

Right now I’m busy watching and downloading OTWOL (On the Wings of Love). I never thought I’d ship JaDine this much since James Reid isn’t really my type plus I’m still laughing over the title of one of his albums, Reid Alert. WAHAHA. But you know, the series is really good. It has the charm of a typical koreanovela romcom. It’s funny but not corny and it’s succeeding in its attempt to koreanovela-ize a primetime bida. Yess! Hope for Philippine TV at last! I mean, hope in a sense that we’re graduating from Mexican soap inspired series. Nako, Jadaone please don’t fail us hahaha.

So yes please. Learn from Koreanovelas. PLEASE.

Would you believe it… METAL. I copied a ton of Megadeth and Metallica albums from Jeckie cos I kindof liked one song. In fairness I appreciate the complexity of producing such loud music. Plus the lyrics are usually deep and may substance! Kaso I hardly understand the lyrics when I’m listening to it haha.

About changing the current voting system. Wow may power kasi ako diba. haha Instead of casting votes on paper why don’t we cast votes in terms of community service or volunteer work. It will be long and it will require a lot of organization but in my head it’ll go like this: 1 week will be allotted for each candidate to pool volunteers who will work for different activities — tree planting, road cleanup, feeding program, etc. Then the presidentiable who gets the most number of volunteers win.

So it’s like if Mar Roxas was given a week for Metro Manila, then everyone who wants to vote for him must participate in any of the open community services so they can have their votes counted.

Haha wala lang I was thinking kasi at least even if my candidate lost, I got to plant a tree for the country, or cleanup the roads! Charr. Effort ba? I think so too but isn’t the idea of a nationwide cleanup compelling enough??? Hahaha

Petrichor. Naaaaks! Never thought I’d use the term. It’s the smell of rain. May tagalog yun eh. Di ko maalala haha

For better traffic management in the country. It’s already taking first place in the list of reasons I want to live in another country, neck and neck with poor internet service. Hay Pilipinas, how do I love you.

Singlet and shorts — I might replace this category too cos I can’t expound my regular sunday fashion statement lol any suggestions? haha

That my phone can finally read the sim card for 30 minutes (and counting). It broke down when I used it in the water last week. It was supposed to be waterproof, I don’t know what happened huhu. It’s not the first time I used it in the water to take pictures soooooo. Huhu

To have my phone repaired cos aside for the sim card problem, the touch screen isn’t responding anymore. Good thing it has OTG so I was able to navigate through it by using a mouse. I didn’t want to leave it in the repair shop with all my photos in it HAHA so I deleted a few, specifically yung may picture ng kilikili ko kasi it’s a frkn black hole now haha.

A camera cos I have three events to attend to this week. Hala na.

Excited for the recent episodes of OTWOL I’m downloading! Waaaaaahh!!!

How was your weeeek? 😀