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SL = sobrang traffic leave

Traffic last night was terrible I literally cried on the way home. Wait, I was on the way to work around 8:30pm after waiting for the rain to friggin stop. I waited for the tricycle service for 15 mins because no one would get into our subdivision. Hay. Then when I was finally out of our village I was greeted by a depressing buildup of cars claiming every possible inch of pavement they could squeeze into just to move on. It was terrible since it doesn’t usually get this bad right outside our place. But it did, so it only meant the worse is yet to come.

Indeed, after 15 mins of toiling through the streets, I finally caught sight of our last hurdle; the street leading to the highway. On normal days it’s completely dim and deserted but holy moley not 300 meters into it and 3 raging lanes of brake lights welcomed my sight. I told the tricycle driver I’ll just walk from there so he wouldn’t be stuck on the way back, so he moved to counter-flow just to get me nearer to the end of the road (thank you!), but deeeeeym the motor hasn’t even revved fully when we had to give up. There’s another buildup of cars so this time we’re occupying 4 lanes na. It was sooooo bad.

I thought it’ll get better when I reach the highway BUT NO. Apparently, everyone on that street needed to cross the intersection and turn left SM Fairview bound. Problem is, the avenue they’re turning into is at a complete standstill so there’s no way they could squeeze in. The intersection was completely blocked. The PUVs I was waiting for from the other side couldn’t get to me. And even if they did, I’d be damned on the way to the office because it’ll be hell tryna get out of Fairview in just two lanes (the rest were for counterflowing vehicles).

I checked my watch and was saddened that it’s already an hour since I left home and I wasn’t even halfway on my journey huhu. Right then I decided to just go home and file for a leave to at least catch OTWOL (On the Wings of Love) HAHA. Nakakaloka.

Pero grabe lang talaga, THERE WERE NO TRICYCLES at the terminal so I had to fall in line and wait. When it’s finally my turn the tricycle wouldn’t take me cos pauwi na raw sya and can only accommodate passengers going to the village where he lives! ANO BAAAAA! Biglang naging choosy?! After a while thank God somebody agreed to take me home… but we had to pass through the same hell I went through on the way out. I started to tear up cos wala nanaman akong maaabutan sa OTWOL and everything is just so frustrating at that moment. Grabe lang.

But well, God loves me so I was able to catch two segments on OTWOL pa. Sumaya tuloy ako bigla. haha I seriously would be pissed off like crazy if I wasn’t able to catch even a glimpse of Clark and Leah hihi

Not from the latest episodes but haaayy <3
Ang sweet nyo ano ba.

Anyway, will leave early today so I wouldn’t have to put up with unexpected rain and the consequential traffic. T__T