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[Food Phase Fridays] Project Pie at Fairview Terraces

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I’ve been meaning to try this place out ever since it opened at FT but I was either not in the mood for pizza or afraid I wouldn’t have the budget for it. Turns out it’s in exactly the same price range as Mad for Pizza (Php285 per head)! So one afternoon with Jeckie, ayon we tried it out! And since then, it kindof became a weekly thing… at least for a month. First time with Jeckie, second with my sister, third with the whole family. You gotta spread the love dibaaaa?

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Project Pie claims to serve artisan pizza at 285 pesos. What the hell is artisanal pizza anyway? Their doughs aren’t even hand-stretched, they’re balled and contained in a large tub, then mechanically pressed to fill a 9 inch pan on demand. Nothing “artsy” about the process, but it’s so cool to watch haha. The crust may even come out too thin. Anyway, I’m not here to argue about whatever labels they want to describe their food chain. I’m here to share about my experience having eaten there for three times already!

Design. Build. Eat.

At Project Pie, you can either choose to order pre-designed pizza or build your own. In the three times I ate there, I always built my own, and I always almost put ALL OF THE TOPPINGS, avoiding the smelly cheeses. hehe

Herbs and veggies
Cheeses and meats

In fairness to the FT branch, they don’t scrimp on toppings. They may advise to put certain toppings against each other, but all in your best interest (at least it seems). They may advise to save your succeeding cheese servings for the topmost part (cos I like my moz sandwiched) cos the crust may not cook well, but the way they tell you sounds all so professional you just gotta trust them. And we did!

Here’s the outcome of our super yummy pizza indulgence! 😀

I especially like my pizza topped with a loooooot of cheese, tomatoes, and herbs. The outcome is super delicious and it smells wonderful too with the oreganos, rosemary, and thyme kicking off when heated. <3

It pretty much tasted the same as my Mad for Pizza version but heyyy Project Pie is nearer to our place! haha 😀

Here’s a wrap up:

– Unlimited toppings
– Drinks are affordable and come with 2 extra refills
– Great ambiance
– Efficient for CLAYGO (Clean as you go). Just throw out the paper mat and put your pizza tray above the trash bin!

– They only serve 9″ thin crust pizza
– Not a lot of selections aside from pizza

Aaaaah now I’m craving T__T

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