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Month: August 2015

  • Success! How to get your passport validity extended 🙂

    DFA has some good news for us! According to this public advisory, they’re waiving the passport validity extension fee until end of this year! It’s usually 200 pesos. 😀 Posted on DFA Passport Division I (could be) US bound sometime this year and my passport will be expiring on February 2016, which makes me ineligible… Continue reading

  • [Food Phase Fridays] Ministop's BBQ Glazed Chicken

    What’s your latest food addiction? Food Phase Fridays is a blog series featuring the different foods I’ve grown addicted to for some time. As in I eat it daily, for over a week, and it won’t leave me alone. Time to share these wonders with you! To start off, here’s Uncle John’s BBQ Glazed Chicken… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 14)

    My sizzling Bibimbap from Chef’s Noodle Currently ReadingNothing!!! WritingThis Listeningto some Christian music my dad is playing ThinkingAbout my expiring passport haynako!!! SmellingHuman Nature’s All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Citrus Burst! I bought it because I thought it was an air freshener but it’s a hand sanitizer pala so lol. IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Like… Continue reading

  • Yellow Cab's Man vs. Pizza Challenge: a different kind of date

    Last Friday (August 21) I accompanied Jeckie to a pizza eating contest hosted by Yellow Cab at SM City San Lazaro. He was one of those selected to participate after filling out an online form at facebook. We were both excited for it because heyyyy you don’t always get free 18″ pizza just by joining,… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 13)

    After so long! Oh, I just realized I lacked 3 items from the previous TSC hehe Yummy cupcakes from Theo Brew (Robinsons Nova). Made with love by ate @syiellagurl <3 Currently ReadingNo progress on The Graveyard Book haha But I just finished reading this article from Matt Slick of CARM Are we saved by faith alone, or… Continue reading

  • [Review + Unboxing] RoyQueen H3500 Bluetooth Speaker

    Ah, remember how I griped so much that the Sony BSP10 went out of stock at Lazada and that they couldn’t even get me in touch with the merchant so that I could inquire if it’s ever going to be available again? Looks like I was meant for something better. I chanced upon the RoyQueen… Continue reading