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What's in my Notebook? (vol. 2)

channeling my inner Abbey Sy with a wrongfully scaled word.
Hooray for WIN volume 2! i have to say, this is where it probably ends. haha. i haven’t been doodling a lot last week cos i was so immersed with reading Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught! chos. i finished the book in tears two days ago and i plan on moving to my next reading material because it’s already more than half the year and i’m all about beating my GoodReads 2015 Reading Challenge! haha any reading suggestions? i’m a sucker for period romance and flicks haha.

anyway, back to my notebook:

i don’t remember where i copied the ‘Practice’ type but i will try to look it out okay. then i’ll update this. 😀  Here you go: https://instagram.com/p/yI0CtlkjUi/ 😀
since were on the topic of art:

on The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy
 i just recently bought The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy (after reserving a copy at NBS Greenbelt) i was so keen on getting the book early i had to sacrifice hours of sleep just to wait for the mall to open! HAHA kalurks talaga.
what i liked:
– it’s an awesome visual treat
– Abbey’s tips are very personal and not very technical which is cool because it only shows how she’s willing to help others improve with the craft!
what i want added/removed:
– add blank pages for exercises? i dunno but i plan on abusing the book and the paper seems so doodle friendly haha i wouldn’t mind a blank page or two! hehe
– less pages for the featured artists? it occupied almost half the book kasi haha. i honestly prefer a simple grid of their works instead of reading stuff about them. haha anyway, i could always look at their instagram accounts hehe.

till the next WIN!

by the way, feel free to do your own WIN series if you feel like showcasing what’s in your notebook on your blog. and let me know too so that we could, uhm, WIN together? chos. XD