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The Sunday Currently (vol. 12)

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I’m wearing glasses soon! I was advised during our annual physical exam that I should get corrective lenses. I usually nail reading the eye chart up to line 8, mainly because I could already see the sequence beforehand and therefore memorize it. But this time I got caught when asked to read it backwards! HAHAHA Nastress ako! Tipong, shocks shocks DEFPOTEC spelled backwards is C…E..T..something right?! E BAT DI KO NA LANG KASI BASAHIN?!… why the heck am I being competitive with a freaking eye test?! 
And that, my friends, is how I was prescribed to wear glasses.
Aaaaah Levi! <3 I tried okay!


No progress with The Graveyard Book because I was busy reading Levi fanfics.


The fan

About the things I have to accomplish tonight: a logo request, and a header makeover for this blog. I want to do something I drew, and also put another navigation bar at the top to segregate the category links from the other links (Home, About, Contact, etc.). Still playing stuff out from other layouts. I think I have the general idea of what to do, but implementation is a bummer.

Also, I’ve been thinking if I’m being too hard on myself for not being impressive enough at work. I’m always so slow. To be honest, I’m not capable of impressing anyone with my, uhm, work skills LOL. I’ve never impressed anyone at work. I always end up mediocre. And it sucks cos I have a habit of comparing myself to my peers. Did you know I accidentally read an email about my officemate being regarded so highly by our clients that apart from my respect for him growing double, I also felt burdened that I have to at least be at par.

But it’s all a matter of perspective ika nga, that email confirmed that indeed, there’s a genius in our team, and also someone I can bother with my work (ie. get knowledge from). I’m always too shy to ask for help. You know when you’re faced with a problem and you want to solve if yourself first before asking someone? Then you start digging and eventually get frustrated and stuck. Then you resort to asking people for help. Then you get scared cos you’ve been looking into that problem for too long already and they might think, why did you only ask about this now?!

My question is, how long should you usually try to get things done by yourself before asking for help?


For more focus. I get easily distracted. You can’t get me to work one thing for an hour without pausing at least 5 times doing irrelevant stuff.

sando and shorts

The fact that I got to sleep for 16 hours yesterday! And I even dreamt twice!

#1: I was being interviewed for a US Visa (talk about how dreams confirm a nagging desire) by 3 people: my non-favorite blogger, a vocalist of an indie band, and one of my teammates. It was a series of interviews and I got an impression that I passed, though who knows.

#2: I was congratulating my sister on her 1st year anniversary of working at UCPB saying, you can finally resign! yahoo!

Also, Levi! hihi <3