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Group exercises you can join at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Group exercises you can join at Circle

have you ever wondered what group classes you can join at Circle?! I did! and i searched all over the web for schedules and stuff but found none. so this morning, i braved a serious case of tamaditis and went to inquire at Circle about whatever group classes they have there. i know they have one, because my parents used to always go there to join aerobics. sometimes they take my sister and i with them, and we’ll bike around while they dance, then afterwards we’ll eat lugaw and buko juice and go home sweaty and filled! happy times 😀

so here you go, in total they have 3 classes operating regularly (as far as i have asked) and i went to each of them to inquire:

1. Zumba

Zumba - People's Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle

Location: People’s Hall
Rate: P50/hr
Schedule: Mondays -Thursdays (7am, 8am – that’s 1 session per hour), Saturdays and Sundays (7am, 8am, 9am).

Zumba Schedule - People's Hall, Quezon Memorial Circle
i’m actually excited to try everything HAHA. i’m curious about the different types of zumba you know. i mean there’s zumba gold (is this for oldies?), fitness, sentao, and toning. XD shocks, naexcite ako bigla. HAHA
there are chairs on the side you can use to put your things on. 🙂
2. Aerobics Forever

Location: Planas Garden
Rate: FREE
Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays (TThSSun) – 6am
This is probably the least attended one even though it’s free, maybe because it’s not covered (apparently, it just rained). one of the sweet girls there told me they have color codes per day and today is purple day. XD they do accept donations too, but of course it’s all optional. then again, there must be a cost to running this thing, especially that they seem to intend to do this forever! 😀
there are tents on the side with a few chairs, and there’s a small roofed stage at the front of the garden. you may leave your things there, in case you’re wondering where to put your stuff.

3. Aero Sport

Aero Sport - Quezon Memorial Circle
hey peepers
Location: Basketball Court
Rate: P20/session
Schedule: Daily at 6am
Aero Sport - Quezon Memorial Circle

I think this is where most people go. the place is big, the music is lively and so are the steps! i can’t wait to try this too! 😀

so far that’s what they have! let’s push this! i wanted to get in shape so bad because night shift’s a bitch, when i’m up all day i’m eating almost 5 meals a day. CRAAAAP! huhu