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Month: July 2015

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 12)

    I’m wearing glasses soon! I was advised during our annual physical exam that I should get corrective lenses. I usually nail reading the eye chart up to line 8, mainly because I could already see the sequence beforehand and therefore memorize it. But this time I got caught when asked to read it backwards! HAHAHA… Continue reading

  • From BPI: Register at UBER Manila without a credit card!

    Because of Uber, I almost wanted to get a credit card. Two months ago, I inquired about why they haven’t implemented non-credit card payment options in the Philippines yet, and they said they’re looking into it… so I waited! After all, other countries have it, so i thought it’s only a matter of time before… Continue reading

  • heya

    Inside Project Pie – Ayala Terreces Random things I wanted to share since I missed another Sunday Currently due to, ano ba, laziness. Blogging at home is quite a bother honestly. I have to setup my laptop downstairs cos the wifi couldn’t reach me in my bedroom. haha So most of the time I only… Continue reading

  • What's in my Notebook? (vol. 3)

    Work’s getting busier so it’s harder to sneak some drawing time hehe. Here’s what I managed this week! 😀 Inspired by one of Us the Duo‘s songs! Go listen to them! “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” – Exodus 14:14 A reminder that we’re not alone in our battles. 🙂… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 11)

    After missing two weeks! I’m back with another The Sunday Currently! 😀 Papemelroti Currently ReadingI finished reading Wonder by RJ Palacio (read my reaction here!) last week! I was supposed to read The Book Thief by Marckus Zusak next so I brought it in the office with me, unfortunately i never got the chance to… Continue reading

  • [Windows] How to open specific folders using the Run dialog

    Here’s a pretty neat trick I always do whenever I setup my desktop ANYWHERE. Like what I’m doing now since I just got a new PC at the office hehe. I find it easier to just hit Win + R then type ‘Yan’ to access my personal folder located at ‘My Documents’. Like so: This Opens… Continue reading