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The Sunday Currently (vol. 9)


I don’t know about this week but it’s pretty lax! nothing serious about work yet, just a couple of tedious project closeout (finally!) documents to do plus i feel like i’m about to move to my new team this week? that means 1) NO MORE DEV for me (but technically there’s still coding.. so uhm.), 2) less of my batchmates T__T, and 3) the frkn nightshift (which i’m physically trying to prepare myself for).

wip of my side of a ballpen art collab with jeckie <3


started with our weekly VG material (just a bit) — “Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Heart” by John and Stasi Eldredge. it interested me because our VG leader was really smitten by it.


fun fun fun fan

of getting some Bible study guides so i could study the Bible once again, for the purpose of understanding His word, and not for the epic history book that it is. this afternoon’s message was so powerful. i realized that daily devotions aren’t enough, and is actually more selfish (i can’t even stick to it, tbh).

studying the word is what i need to do if i really wanted to know Jesus more and be able to defend his word from these extreme liberalists who have made a hobby of making up stuff to fight for just because it’s cool and trendy and allows them to (for instance) dress up however they want because eff the rapers! it’s annoying and as much as i want to shove some knowledge down their asses, that’s not a very Christian thing to do and would hardly enlighten them. plus i’m most probably just as stupid so i’ll just frkn study even if i hate studying. am i too late/judgy/hateful/proud for apologetics? wait i need to re-purpose this thing. argh. so much hate.


i had some spare 50k so i could buy a decent tablet and a bike!

shirt and shorts

the possibility of more sweldo because of a looming nigh life (work).

more funds to fund our weekly diet thing. hooray for last week cos i was able to prepare for four days! here’s what i cooked for me and my sister.

check out my cooking yo!

i wanted to label the food but it don’t know how to call them. i don’t know what they’re called. they’re nothing fancy. i even burnt all the kamote. haha but heeeey it’s all chicken and fish and no beef and pork! plus, all things fried are cooked with olive oil. black rice is the bitch as it takes some getting used to. haha

sadly, the scale didn’t budge to my desired mark but it feels really nice to be able to cook for myself and my sister. it also limited my spending cos i already have enough baon! XD

it’s a big big labor of love on my part because i had to wake up at 5am everyday to prepare our foods cos my sister leaves for work at 6:30 (deeeemyu makati).


also, did you notice the portions are getting bigger each day?! HAHA di namin kinaya ang ideal 1200 cal portioning! chos. Wednesday White Rice is an accident cos i thought we’re already out of black rice. replaced it immediately when i found some rice in the ref! haha

to frkn start training aready. i have a 10k run this sunday and i haven’t conditioned myself yet! anyway, i could probably jog the 5k and walk the other 5k but i’m afraid that’ll take me forever so. err. hm. yep.

super happy because i won a Xiaomi Redmi 1S from GooglyGooeys and got to meet her too to claim my prize!

with Tippy of GooglyGooeys! 😀

my dad is so happy for the advanced father’s day gift! haha

ALSO, a picture with my favorite fashion blogger DAVID GUISON! he’s super niiiiice! he’s one of those celebrities i wouldn’t mind running after for a picture because i’m sure he wouldn’t turn down a fan! and he didn’t! i finally have a picture with him! yeheyy!!!

happy new week ahead goys! 😀