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The Sunday Currently (vol 7.)

The Sunday Currently


I just started with Harry Potter 5! yeyy! i want to challenge myself with the 12 books i signed up for at GoodRead’s 2015 Reading Challenge! haha it’s so hard to look for the time to read books nowadays huhu. anyway, my reading list consists mostly of re-reads because i keep on forgetting things and i want to refresh myself with the books i know i used to love.


the faaaan! and some background noise from the TV hehe

about tomorrow’s training. my manager signed me up on a 4-day automation performance testing training to formally “introduce” me to the QA track. she says i should do good so i could be selected to be part of this QA automation performance team but tbh i don’t want to because

a) i heard they’re a bunch of nighshifters and i would hate to be on that shift cos it has messed my life once lol
b) as if i’d have a chance of doing good? i have no idea about testing. at all.
c) being selected means dealing with stressful expectations. i’ve had it with those.
d) i wanna wait for another team. and probably dev a bit while doing so. but nothing major i hope! haha

i’m finally leaving software development! i feel scared, being a developer taught me so much and also gave me so much pride because dev is dev! haha but it also gave me so much stress. so yeah.

QA testing isn’t something i signed up for because i like it, more like i wanna try it because it’s NOT DEV. may mali diba?! that’s why i’m thinking if i still made the right choice. LOOOOL. but programming is just so frkn stressing me out that i can probably tolerate anything not it. haha

i’m probably being steered by my escape mechanism so i’m gonna pray for this real haaarddd. haha

uhh nothing!

that my client would agree to my additional charges. omg. XD

the usual, singlet and shorts!

Adobe InDesign! when i learned about Illustrator, it seemed so magical to me. now that i’ve learned InDesign for real, aaaaaargh heaven! it has fewer tools than Illustrator but for layout work it has everything you need! you know how i struggle so much with layouting and illustrating because i do everything in photoshop?! this is it. i’ve found the answer. it would cost me some RAM tryna run at least two of these softwares at the same time but heeeck i’m buying more RAM if that’s what it takes haha!

well, money to buy more RAM! hahaha how do you know if i have enough slots for more memory cards? ok google.

to free myself of a loooot of hate and insecurity. to be honest i’m one those anons who sometimes trolls on the comments and bash people for being so perfake (pun intended?). but that’s just me being judgy. i need to die to this sin and join the cult of The Seven. kidding on the latter.

the need for a credit card. OK STOP. because there’s this tablet that’s… STOOOOP. grrr. but the annual fee is waived for life and STOP.STOP.STOP. i hate myself. T__T