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good listeners are hard to find

friends who will listen to you whine about work and your lovelife. people who will condone your incessant ramblings about seemingly un-adult things. honestly, i’m still looking for people like that. or better yet, I MISS THOSE PEOPLE. friends who genuinely listen. i’ve had it with friends who only listen to gossips, but dismiss you when you start talking about your boring struggles in picking up your trampled self-worth on the ground. saying, here she goes again sabay irap. i’m also very annoyed with people who constantly diss my drama and keep veering the subject to their lives like i have no right to complain because look at you, aren’t you having it worse?

i’d like to believe we all deserve sympathy, sadly not everyone is wired to address that minute need. and when it comes to relating with my peers, i’ve had it with boys. they’re totally on a different psychological track. it’s true what they say that women whine not to extract a solution, but just to let it all out. yeah, i’m that simpleton who only wants to be heard and not preached to.

for now, i’m content that i have at least one person whom i can totally be open to about anything, and he’s a guy on top of that HAHA i love my boyfriend <3 <3 <3 but he’s flying to india next week and will be gone for a month and a half so i’m dreading the totally-friendless feeling. oh wait, my sister loves me and i could coerce her to listen to me whine about stuff!

or maybe my hormones are just kicking in. my bloody calendar says it’s almost time.

seriously. i’m feeling so effing emotional right now, i could break down with just a ‘kamusta?’ and blab about how much life sucks as of. but i’ve learned enough not to wear the woman in me on my sleeves. lol. i’m not gonna bawl my eyes off an undeserving twerp who never really intend to listen.

this was supposed to be the 4th item in my forever-draft ‘5 hard truths we should learn to accept and live by’ but oh well, i found it too harsh of me drop them all at the same time. haha

off to pack napkins.