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Month: May 2015

  • Blog Design: Squarespace

    i’m back to documenting design changes! i used to do this whenever i update my blog design (for keepsake) but kindof dropped it because i keep on forgetting to screenshot the page before i replace it hehe. also, it allows me to talk about web design! i’m calling it Squarespace cos it’s what pushed me to… Continue reading

  • Pusheen says hi!

    how can i possibly finish my work?! >_< i. i just can’t. T___T it’s too cute. too fat. too fury. many many thanks to the guy who agreed to purchase this for me (without downpayment and all! bless your soul, man), and his sister who met up with me to deliver the plushie (you are… Continue reading

  • [Review] OMI RV1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Black)

    Source Here’s a review of my very first Lazada purchase, a robotic vacuum cleaner. i consider this one a tita purchase because really, when did i ever care about cleaning the house (on top of eating out)? apparently, when our helper left us! haha i paid for the item via paypal and waited around 2-3 days… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 6)

    Currently Reading Still Harry Potter 4. ambagal lang haha.  Writing waley. oh, does this count? Listening to one of my favorite sounds lately: The Humming Fan Thinking about a future with jeckie. we love each other so much but sometimes our differences would kick in and we’d go ask ourselves, are we really the best… Continue reading

  • Unilab Celebrates 70 Years, Honors Unsung Heroes

    Previously, I shared about how Unilab is constantly thrusting out their Husay and Malasakit campaign by manufacturing products of excellent quality while ensuring the Filipinos’ best interests in mind. Now on their 70th year, let’s celebrate with them as they launch their new corporate campaign, “Alam Namin”. Unilab, the makers of household brands Biogesic, Ceelin, Neozep… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 5)

      This week was hm. okay. i’m drowning in work. mostly freelance. stayed up all night last thursday and was up for some 30 hours just to complete the pages so i’m thankful for that. right now i’m working on the tons of revisions though. HAHA. despite the crazy amount of work, i’m actually learning… Continue reading