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The Sunday Currently (vol. 2)

Before I dive into a crazy pool of work, here’s the second of the series! 🙂


Jaqen H’ghar x Arya Stark fanfics from and i’m kindof heavily shipping the pair right now. i don’t care about their freaking age gap haha. i used to ship gay pairings long ago so this is sort of an improvement on my moral standard of things.

a couple of drafts about financial management and skincare. lol. when will i ever get to complete my writing assignments. urgh.

to the loud humming of the fan.

how much of a dope i am for getting scammed on this download site. you see, i was able to successfully score a copy of this german film starring Tom Wlaschiha (read: Jaqen H’ghar). obvious problem was, i couldn’t understand a thing. since it’s romcom, i figured it wouldn’t be too hard to do some guesswork to get what the movie’s about. but still, i wanted to understand what Tom was saying. hearing him speak german got me super kilig though. i so love his voice. <3

anyway, i was out and about the interwebs looking for subs and i was getting really desperate cos there’s simply none. until i viewed this download site with a seems-legit list of files i needed, but when i clicked the download link, a popup window reminded me that it’s only for registered users. so sure, i registered. it’s free anyway. but on my second download attempt i got a new reminder saying the file is available only for premium users. okay, premium. got it. what’s a euro and a continuous weekly billing (unless cancelled) anyway. i’ll pay, get my file, cancel the subscription, and continue swooning over Tom. :3

after paying for subscription i got back to the site and found that they have no available files for download. seven hells! i also realized i paid premium for a different site (, not the one hosting downloads. i’m freaking offering this site to the red god!!! and to make matters worse, i couldn’t find where i could cancel my subscription, feeling they made it so such that they could leech more money from dopes like me.

anyway, as if i’d leave it that way. i was able to cancel my subscription via (the scammer’s payment processor). so beware of this site even if it seems like your only hope: i can’t believe how they can stomach a scammy business model.

oh, i haven’t mentioned the movie, it’s called “Mann Kann Frau Erst Recht” and it google-translates to “Man Woman Can Certainly”. yes. certainly. haha

the new curtains’ ugly textile scent. urgh.

i had more free time to waste

shorts and a milo marathon singlet

my boyfriend more than ever. he’s leaving for India early May for some work assignment and will be gone for 6 weeks. sepanx much. i’m really excited for him cos he’s having it nice and steady with his career. i’m feeling sad though cos we won’t be able to see each other for a while but oh well. there’s skype naman. hehe my saturdays will be considerably free-er without him though just in time cos classes are starting soon! haha why do i sound like an undergrad.

there’s also something i want to do while he’s gone… ano, mag workout! HAHAHA i’m imagining some 6-week transformation program so that when he’s back i’m fitter na! woooh! lololol

also, i’m really getting crazy over Tom Wlaschiha, i asked jeckie for permission to date the guy in the rare case i win a date with him under the utterly remote chance that there’s even a contest with that kind of prize! he said no and i tried to bargain saying if he won a date with Emma Watson, i would allow him! still no though. he only agreed if he could join too, and that Tom will be the third wheel like whaaaat. T____T

aaaargh, seriously, it’s not like it’s going to brew into something serious you know! all these celebrities granting dinner dates with their fans are just out there for publicity. like reaaally. is Tom even dating? i’d like to know plz.

oh boy. i love my boyfriend but aaargh Jaqen.

that Merida Big Seven 20 still, or any small framed mountain bike with hydraulic brakes that can be adorned in red or white or both.

some time alone with the Lord (of light. chos). i feel like my spiritual journey is at a stall. and all the inspiration i get from the church, the ministry, and VGmates are short lived. 🙁

pressured over the tons of pages i still have to work on. lol. XD

hm, that’s it! how was your week so far? 😀