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The Sunday Currently (vol. 1)

i decided to start this series of Sunday Currently posts as an alternative to life-lately-s and my-week-in-photos because the former doesn’t really have a proper format, and the latter i can’t sustain cos i suck at taking pictures. i see a lot of bloggers doing this too and it’s fun reading about their lives without having to go through a brand placement! hehe

btw, do i have to be tagged to do this? cos i’m tagging myself now hahaha

ETA (May 1, 2015): uhhh, do i have to credit who invented this thing? cos i’m tamad to research. tag me maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, which was shortly interrupted by 4 leaked episodes of Game of Thrones, which i regret watching because it’s such a huge cliffy, and now i have to wait a month for the 5th episode. why didn’t i think of this earlier? argh.
this update, and my Jaqen H’gar post! HAHA as for pending stuff, tons as usual. a blogger never really runs out of backlogs, no?
to some retro lovin’ from the radio
about how to go about the many pages i have to design for this current gig i’m working on. i’m so happy and blessed i got recommended for another project right after i finished the last one. hopefully i never run out of opportunities. i need to save up for my tuition fee! <3
nothing. uhm, it’s really humid though but it doesn’t smell like anything in particular in this part of our house (dining).
that my mom would snap out of her paranoia about microwaves. she bought one last friday because she was thrilled about the microwaved mug cake i made recently. but now she kept the appliance hidden in its box cos she got scared of the negative effects it will have on us in the long run. this household needs a lot of counseling from mythbusters. 
some tattered shirt and holed shorts. typical home clothes.
Jaqen H’gar. madly at that. i’m actually drafting an entire post for him. you just wait. haha
to save for a bike (a small white-red Merida Big Seven 20 PLEASE!) and my tuition fee still. hehe
another bath. it’s just so freaking hot. XD  also, i need to recommit myself to my daily devotions. ๐Ÿ™‚
relieved and cool about life, finally (which is rare cos i never run out of things to whine about esp my work haha). after a long chikahan slash VG-turned-one2one with grace yesterday, i realized that i shouldn’t be taking myself too seriously knowing that i tend to be overemotional about things. but that’s not really what we talked about HAHA, it just dawned on me while we were talking to each other.
how’s your sunday? ๐Ÿ™‚