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Curves Gym: No men, no makeup, no mirrors

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Depends on your reason for going to the gym, you might find their motto quite a bit of a letdown, seeing that it doesn’t conform to what most gyms look like. it probably even goes against some people’s subconscious notions of the gym as some sort of a dating club, or a VIP lounge, or both. hehe
But Curves gym, focusing on a more specific demographic (you know, us girls!) knew how well their tagline speaks for women who are more concerned with improving their fitness levels, and who simply wanted to work out without being conscious about themselves. And to this extent, Curves serves its purpose by providing a facility that is for women only, has no mirrors at the workout area, and doesn’t allow you to wear make-up. ang strict diba?!
PERO JOKE LANG. i have yet to confirm the no make-up part HAHA
Anywaaaay, here’s how my first visit went:
Workout area
Curves gym offers circuit workouts using a set of 12 machines that target different parts of the body. They’re placed in a circle and in between each of them are recovery pads where you do some light active movements to break the last machine workout you just did. You spend 30 secs. on the machine, then some 45 secs. on the recovery pad… until you’ve circled around the entire circuit. There’s a background music and audio guide naman, plus there’s always a coach to help you with the workouts!
When i came in i was welcomed by Coach Tessa, who showed me around the place, introduced me to the machines (and some of the members too!), and interviewed then measured me (homagyasss) for a fitness assessment. haha
Goal setting. naks.
i love how every member gets this sort of initial goal setting interview where the coach assesses your current fitness level, your measurements, your desired weight, health considerations, etc. and helps you come up w/ realistic figures to lose (or gain, depends on your goal) in a month.

The workout

the first circuit was kindof light but i could already feel some sweat. the second circuit though was what made me sweat even more as i had to increase the reps i do on each machine, shempre, to sweat and burn more! ang sarap sa feeling!
the entire workout only took 30 minutes but it was intense enough to cover all parts of my body. very ideal for those on-the-go who didn’t want to spend too much time on the gym. 
after that, i stayed longer to try their zumba class! it’s a zumba circuit where you dance in between machine workouts. i suck at dancing but i’m always trying haha i had a hard time following the steps though cos we were in a circle and i was in front of the instructor, and i suck at mirror imaging, i kept on circling on the wrong path! haha


Members’ Lounge
Across the lounge is where the comfort rooms and shower area is. There are mirrors here already, don’t worry! See those cards below the Curves signage? That’s their “Women on Top” for the month of January!
Women on Top
Only goes to show how this gym is serious about helping you achieve your fitness goals!
Locker area
On the other side of the lounge is where the locker area is. Also a place you’d see more inspiration!
Testimonials from members
There’s a very warm feeling about the gym that makes me want to come back, also because i’m interested w/ the type of workout they offer! The coaches are very friendly and nice and always ready to help, and it seems like it’s home to a community of women who share a common goal and are out to help each other in their quest for fitter a lifestyle! Reading the inspiring stories from the locker doors also encouraged me with my goals of shedding pounds of fat! haha
So, if you’re working near (or at) Eastwood City, this is going to be worth your visit! 

Location and Contact

4F Eastwood City Walk 2, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Quezon City
584-9841 | 09177377835 | 09212093322
Opening hours:
Mondays – Fridays
7:00AM – 12:30PM
3:30PM – 8:30PM
8:00AM – 1:00PM
Mon/Tues – 6:30PM
Wed/Thurs – 8:30AM
Sat – 9:30AM

How to get there?

I came from Commonwealth Area so I rode a jeep labeled “Cubao – Kalayaan – Ali Mall” and went down at Ali Mall. From there, I rode another jeep labeled “Ever – Rosario – Citibank” and got off across CitiBank. I crossed the bridge and walked from Citibank to Cyberwalk. Curves is located at the mall beside Bigoli (i don’t know what it’s called though hehe) and is at the 4th floor. If the mall is still closed, there’s an elevator at the parking area, or you can use the stairs! 🙂