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5 stupid things i once did for my crushes


That i’m careful not to repeat, and hopeful i’ve outgrown somehow. i wouldn’t know. haha

1. Did his homework

I feel like a complete version of the generic nerd in teen flicks vying to get a cheerleader’s attention by presenting to do her homework. Well, i’m proud to say i outdid that hollywood nerd! how? cos i made not just a homework, but an exercise and a project too! and not only that, i also did it for 4 of his friends! and beat this will you, i did all of them in a single day, while doing my own school project, and while being sleepless for 2 days. BEST NERD EVER.

lol i’m exagerrating, they’re actually 3-in-1 projects so i really just did 5 projects… they’re very easy though, AND I GOT PAID OKAY? the rest are true though, i was in the middle of doing my own project, i haven’t slept in 2 days, and he called late at night and announced a 12-hour turn around time.

i’m not stupid okay, i told him no! who would agree to that?! but he pleaded like i’m the only one who could help him (and the friends he hasn’t mentioned yet) and how it’s too late to find another person (like he actually spent the day convincing others before me), and how it’s going to be super easy for me because it’s a computer project (oh. well), and how i’m so pretty and smart and perfect… gullible

hence, this first item. XS

2. became a scriptwriter

hesitant as i was, i succumbed to some invisible force (aka his charm) beckoning me to write dialogues for a back to back play his theater club is staging where he is acting.  stupid me even suggested to create playbills for it as marketing collateral… and well, nobody knew what it was so i ended up doing it. all the writing, designing, and manual stapling of some 150 wretched copies of those stupid booklets.

well, i was reimbursed for the photocopying, and he said the playbills were such a flip it sold-out (more like handed-out cos they weren’t really for sale). i also earned more of his respect (which i’d like to call ganda points) cos i’m not only the best nerd ever (uhm yeah, same guy), but i’m also a good scripts person! i’m the perfect (slave) girl for him!

oh the play was a blockbuster. he was such a good actor. HAHA. see, he even got me to write for him.

3. drew his face and showed it to him

astig diba? but not when you’re a complete stranger to him!

it didn’t exactly happen that way! HAHAHA, and thankfully this isn’t the same guy anymore. whew.
let me rephrase the item:

drew his face and accidentally showed it to him. uhuh, creeper confirmed.

yeah much better. you see, i’m an avid doodler specially when i’m bored in class! so one time during such a class, i was mindlessly doodling some aliens and UFOs and letterings per usual, and decided to put him in my doodleland. i drew him in a jersey (varsity basketball represent! aaargh, i’m such a sucker for the popular types. deym u meg cabot), and added more stuff to fill the page haha. suddenly he came to me and said, “ang galing naman” or something like that (i don’t really remember), and reached for my paper to take a look. i happily obliged, after all it was a proud piece haha! when i got my drawing back i couldn’t contain my kilig, until my eyes fixed itself on the cartoon version of him.

then i realized. he didn’t know i have a crush on him. my innards gave a nervous twitch as i imagined what could have crossed his mind if he did saw his face on that paper. i cried inside, looked back at the drawing and defeatedly tried to convince myself that it didn’t really look like him, maybe he didn’t notice.

4. stalked him

common right? i’m not familiar with the levels of stalking normal crushing teenage girls would do. but before i was introduced to my crush and became friends, i already knew his cellphone number, his middle name, his ex-girlfriend, his full address, his religion, the name of his parents, the high school he went to, where he worked previously, etc. it didn’t really take so much digging on my part. i worked in the library and we used to keep these info cards of everyone who has a library card so i took the basic info there… and resisted the urge to tear off his 1×1 pic HAHA. the rest i got from the student records. whaaat?! oh yes… it took months for me to get hold of it but thankfully nobody noticed!

what i meant was, it took me some months to get myself transferred to the admin office after working some year at the library as a student assistant. it was information heaven. everything i needed to know about him was in the office. BWAHAHAHA

5. cried over him

oh dear. i’m the type of person who never wants to be discovered by my crushes. i’m happy just watching them from afar, taking infos from the student portal, stalking them on facebook, taking notes every now and then if they’re still single, mentally bashing their girlfriends if they have one, etc. i’m okay that way. i really am. cos i didn’t want to be their girlfriend, it’s too uncomfortable. and i’m not the type of person to pursue her crushes anyway.

so one day, when one of my girl friends told me (out of concern cos i’ve been acting more stupidly than ever) that my crush knows i’m crushing on him… i just cried. especially when i learned that it was my other girl friend who told him. i was betraaaayed!! this is waaaar!! that’s supposed to be a secret! but more importantly, how long has he known?! and is that why he’s been hanging around a lot? i thought it was destiny that pulled us together! HAHAHAHA and he kept asking me darned favors! i even did his project and that stupid playbill (oh yeah, same guy)! but apparently, guys are all the same (uhm, for the sake of expression hahaha)! i felt grossly taken advantage of! chos. i deleted the princely mental image of him and sourly replaced it with an evil, user-friendly, jerk of all trades.

but not really. HAHA after a few months when some of my feelings have died down, i learned (from one of the school heads he worked under) that he has a crush on me too! finally all the hard work paid off! chooos! of course i mentally rejoiced! too bad i was already into someone else when i learned of it haha.

but anyway, i had to let it sink that i had a crush on him first, then he knew, so he probably tried to see if i was likeable enough, then decided to have a crush on me too! i would slap him if he didn’t think i was likeable enough with all that effort.

uhm, to be fair. the guy from #1,2,4,5 was a really nice person. he wasn’t that bad entirely. he didn’t seem to be the type of person to actually take advantage of someone’s feelings and for the most part assured me that i’m being compensated for whatever favors he asked. awow. he paid me for the project (#1), and tried to get me a free shirt (#2, but ended up w/ just a discount but it’s okay, it’s not like he got paid too).

so there. i came up with this post cos i was backreading yesterday and noticed how big the “Crushes” label is on the tag cloud so i lurked there for a while, and ended up laughing so hard at my younger (not that i’ve aged a lot) self for being so so stupidly head over heels over my major crushes. hahaha

what about you? what’s the stupidest thing you did for someone you like? XD