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Month: April 2015

  • [Review] Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer

    naks naman bumu-beauty blogger. lololol. in an attempt to step up my skincare regimen from nothing to something, i decided to start moisturizing daily. i actually used to put on moisturizer before when i was an active Mary Kay beauty consultant (shempre i have to be a convincing proof that my products work haha) but… Continue reading

  • Chink+ Money Kit: Your ultimate money management system!

    Most of us have problems saving, budgeting, and just plain stashing our cash where we can’t touch it. fortunately, there have been lots of systems out and about online that would teach you how to manage your finances better, and they’re all very helpful especially if you’ve found one that works best with your lifestyle.… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 2)

    Before I dive into a crazy pool of work, here’s the second of the series! 🙂 Currently ReadingJaqen H’ghar x Arya Stark fanfics from and i’m kindof heavily shipping the pair right now. i don’t care about their freaking age gap haha. i used to ship gay pairings long ago so this is… Continue reading

  • Si Aiyah at ang Magic ng mga Bituin

    the mommy-author launching her book <3 I’ve been meaning to blog about my latest completed children’s book project, after making sure it’s really finished haha, So here it is! The book is meant to be given away as souvenirs for my client’s daughter’s christening, and also for distribution for an outreach program they’re conducting this… Continue reading

  • [Mad Crush] Jaqen H'ghar of Game of Thrones (complete scenes)

    A very mysterious and recurring (thankfully!) character from Game of Thrones, Jaqen H’ghar (played by Tom Wlaschiha) was introduced into the story during the second episode of season 2 (The Night Lands). He was a prisoner from the dungeons of King’s Landing recruited by Yoren to join The Night’s Watch. En route to The Wall,… Continue reading

  • The Sunday Currently (vol. 1)

    i decided to start this series of Sunday Currently posts as an alternative to life-lately-s and my-week-in-photos because the former doesn’t really have a proper format, and the latter i can’t sustain cos i suck at taking pictures. i see a lot of bloggers doing this too and it’s fun reading about their lives without… Continue reading