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#WhereToNext: 5 reasons I would love to stay in this apartment in Thailand


Not a very specific title no? haha

Here’s a fancy 5 star apartment villa i found over at Airbnb which only rents for Php 2,868 per night (say whuuut). I’ve been scouting for potential overseas staycation spots and was recently reminded of Airbnb (via 2 Broke Girls: that ep when Max and Caroline had their place rented for Victoria Secret models!) a booking site where you get to choose from tons of unique places to stay in from local hosts in over 190 countries. awesome! you don’t need to stay at an uber expensive hotel to get a posh space that’s well maintained and looks pretty in pictures haha. you can just head on over to Airbnb and ogle over the many houses, lofts, and apartment units offered for rent by the locals (hm. as an IT person, “local host” sounds weird to me haha) and book away!

so here’s the place i’ve been eyeing: an apartment space at  Intercontinental Resort, Koh Samui Thailand.

just by looking at the pictures and the reviews of the many travelers who has booked the place, i’ve gathered 5 things that made me fall in love with the idea of staying at this beautiful apartment

1. it’s very affordable

cos you’re not booking from the resort per se, but with the private owner of the villa. i was actually taken aback by the price, and looked everywhere at the page for hidden charges, extra fees and all, but found nothing that would bill shock me… just a 6-12% guest service fee, and a Php 7,291.00 security deposit (varies per place) which you can refund after your stay if you didn’t mess with anything in the house.

so for a 5 star resort, Php 2,868 a night is a frkn great deal. just look at this beauty…

kumpleto kusina!
ang bongga ng bed!

2. the beach and the view is awesome 

Actual photo of the sunset coming into place <3

which is what an ideal getaway should have, right? the villa is located at Baan Taling Ngam, the quieter part of the island where luxury resorts are situated, plus you get an awesome sunset view to boot!

the apartment is atop a hill with a direct view of the sea from all of the rooms! <3

haaaaay life

3. access to all areas of the resort 

the amenities are to die forrrr. even if i’m just gonna be renting out a single room, i get free access to their 5 pools (oo kelangan ganun kadami), private beach with sports equipment, tennis court, fitness center, etc!

okay let me spam you a bit:

that’s a crazy lot of water facilities! why so pretty?! T____T

4. no negative reviews! 

as per the people who has booked with the owner, nothing bad came out about their entire stay! the place is perfect, it’s near the beach, the amenities are complete, you can hire a maid for daily cleaning, avail of hotel services, and communication with the contact people is a breeze.

but what really got me promising to myself that i’d book this place one day is this review…

the pictures don’t even do it justice, he says! can you imagine what kind of paradise this is? i was already sold with the price, now the reviews just made me want to book sooner!
and last but not the least of the reasons i would definitely book this place…

5. it’s in Thailand! 

one of my dream vacation places mainly because it’s near, and the currency exchange is 1:1, so i don’t have to mess my head with conversions and stuff cos i’m budget OC like that and hates math.

so singing along with Annie… “Yes! Yes! I think i’m gonna like it here!”

So whether an apartment for a month, a castle for a week, a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries!

in fairness to Airbnb, they offer a really unique travel solution for those who are wary of expensive lodging. i’m definitely going to scout at their website on my next travel plans!

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Note: all photos used in this blog post were taken from the Airbnb listing. 🙂