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the nightshift struggle

this is so frkn hard. i was on midshift and dayshift the past 2 days respectively and now i’m on nightshift. what a way to go around three different schedules!

i’m writing because i’ve been trying so frakking hard to keep myself awake. at this very moment, my eyes are drooping, my head hurts, and i’m battling the urge to sleep on my desk and just forget about all the work. chos. the latter is proving to be very tempting though.

i wasn’t able to get enough sleep before i headed to this shift, that’s why. my stomach is also full, which probably contributes to the sleepiness. i don’t know how to go about this time. i just want the clock to tick past 4 hours so i could go home and sleep and properly prepare for my next nightshift (that, and test out my new vacuum cleaner! random, sorry)

i’m not going to be on this shift for long, i just kindof volunteered to because i didn’t want to be left alone in midshift. T___T but this is really proving to be pain in the ass. i seriously want to just grab a pillow and sleep head on. aaaargghh.

it’s 2am would you believe it?! if i was on midshift i’m probably already sleeping or lulling myself to sleep with a book. but what am i doooing, so actively engaging my brain in words… aggravating my headache.

this is sooooo craaaaazzyyyy i wanna sleeeep badllyyyyyyy. my eyebags are twitching awkwardly, begging for my lids to close. should i give in?