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Month: March 2015

  • Take a look at TLC's latest TV offerings this April!

    TLC April 2015 Highlights TLC brings us an awesome summer by airing these spectacular shows on food, fashion, and travel! Take a look at this lot: THE TASTE UK  Premieres every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m., starting April 7. Encores every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. and Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  Flavour is the only thing that matters… Continue reading

  • the nightshift struggle

    this is so frkn hard. i was on midshift and dayshift the past 2 days respectively and now i’m on nightshift. what a way to go around three different schedules! i’m writing because i’ve been trying so frakking hard to keep myself awake. at this very moment, my eyes are drooping, my head hurts, and i’m… Continue reading

  • #WhereToNext: 5 reasons I would love to stay in this apartment in Thailand

    Not a very specific title no? haha Here’s a fancy 5 star apartment villa i found over at Airbnb which only rents for Php 2,868 per night (say whuuut). I’ve been scouting for potential overseas staycation spots and was recently reminded of Airbnb (via 2 Broke Girls: that ep when Max and Caroline had their place… Continue reading

  • GlobalTestMarket Proof of Payment

    AT LAST!!! After all the fuss about their cheques bouncing and being in a different denomination, i was finally able to get my CASH. as in CAAAAASH. How? Twice I returned their check to their PO Box at Canada because the first time they sent me, the account has closed. and on the second time,… Continue reading

  • How to transfer Paypal funds to your BPI Savings Account

    Yes! You can actually withdraw your paypal funds to your BPI ATM account! tried it last week and it worked! Here’s how… Prerequisites: 1. a verified Paypal account 2. Paypal funds (of course) 3. a BPI Savings account (yep, that regular ATM account you have, could even be your payroll acct :D) Procedure: 1. Add… Continue reading

  • 5 FREE Fitness Apps to help you workout on your own!

    So you wanna work out without shelling out a single buck? Got a smartphone? large memory, check? a strong wifi/internet? good. i’ll be listing down a few really cool apps that will turn your phone into your very own fitness trainer!‚Äč only, you have to discipline yourself… which is just about the hardest part diba.… Continue reading