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Our Wee Nam Kee Unli Hainanese Chicken Experience

Did you know that Wee Nam Kee is offering a week long Unli Hainanese Chicken (and rice, and soup) Promo this week? In celebration of their 5th year in the Philippines, they’re offering unli chicken and rice for only 299 pesos (plus service charge)! yeheyy!! it’s gonna run from Feb 9 – 13, 2015 and is available at all of their branches (Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 2, Serendra, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Promenade 3 Greenhills, Trinoma, and Fairview Terraces) !
I was actually thinking they’re just trying to make up for lost income due to the days BIR closed down their shops. Then again, whatever the real reason is… unli chicken is unli chicken! and coming from my favorite chinese restaurant, this promo got me all sorts of excited (and happy that they’re back in business too!)!!! >XD
jeckie and i got to try it yesterday. it was kindof a reward for myself for overcoming stage fright from the leadership conference i spoke to yesterday (woohooo achievement unlocked! blog post soon!). we dined at their fairview terraces branch at around 4:30pm, and was glad that there weren’t a lot of people yet! <3
Wee Nam Kee serves the realest chickest i’ve ever tasted. ano raw. haha i’ve had it with breaded and glazed chicken, and they’re all but tasty on the inside. WNK’s hainanese chickens aren’t overly seasoned (specially the steamed one) so you get to savor its authentic flavor. <3
their hainaneese rice is to die for. it’s cooked from chicken stock so it’s got this chicken broth flavor to it that’s really good. a cup of this regularly cost 50 pesos kamown. haha they only serve this by the cup and not in bowls or platters. they also don’t serve plain rice. oha. that’s a signature!

but honestly, my favorite dish from WNK isn’t really part of their menu, they’re CONDIMENTS!!

their three condiments (dark soya sauce, chili sauce, and pounded ginger) are what keeps me coming back over and over and over. actually, just the soy sauce and ginger hehe. every time i wait for my food to be served, i make myself a generous mix of ginger and soy sauce, and eat em! sorry, pinapapak ko lang sila. super solve na ko! omnomnom btw, you can ask to take out their condiments too!

So was the promo sulit?

YES! even though i only ate a single serving of rice and steamed chicken (cos busog na agad ako), jeckie downed 6 servings of chicken, and 2 cups of rice naman!haha well, i had 3 cups of soup din pala, cos… soup!

you should try it too! especially if you love their chicken and rice! <3

gotta love Wee Nam Kee <3