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Be Battle Ready with Battle Brew

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Okay! this month was chock full of fitness opportunities for me, and being that i’m in the struggling stage when it comes to motivating myself into building the right discipline to achieve a havey na havey body, every opp gets me immensely excited, esp if it’s about working out (and eating of course)!

The first waking hours of my valentines day was spent at Crossfit Insurrecto (at Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato, QC) for the opening of Battle Brew kiosk. tsk, so romantic haha. part of the program was to introduce us to crossfit (which gained more respect points from me now!), and to battle us out with other bloggers in a WOD (workout of the day) challenge. out team lost BWAHA but it was sooo fun as i’ve been aching for a good workout for so long. the WOD reminded me of our wasakan days at MARS. grabe ang sarap lang magpaka-fit. hahaha

So what’s Battle Brew?

Battle Brew is your newest weight management and fitness buddy that will help you burn fat, boost focus, and improve your health.

How? Battle Brew’s main product isn’t actually coffee, but its MCT Oil. it’s derived from pure coconut oil, sans the flavor, odor, and other types of triglycerides (fats!) present in it — short chain, and long chain. ano raaaaw?

okay, let me lecture you a bit cos i learned a lot that day. plus, i actually kindof reminisced my organic chemistry class (which i failed twice lololol) with all these frkn compounds.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a type of saturated fat that is digested easily by the body because it passes straight to the liver, therefore providing instant and sustained energy! Did i get you there or what?!

Okay, even with the ironic suggestion of eating fat to lose weight, the science behind the diet is actually fool proof. numerous studies have proven it (like this one), so it’s safe to say that this isn’t some fad diet that’s bound to be debunked by myth busters someday. haha

So how do you use it?

Add a tablespoon to your morning or pre-workout coffee, and that’s it! For more weight loss benefits, chip in another tablespoon of clarified butter. Battle Brew sells a booster pack which contains MCT oil and GHEE clarified butter from their site, so yeahhh you may stock up there. 🙂

and yes, if you haven’t noticed… Battle Brew is pretty much your local Bulletproof Coffee vendor hehe

if you’re not a coffee person, suuure there are lots of other ways to use MCT oil. use it on oil based dishes, on your salad dressing, your tea, protein shakes, smoothies, etc. hihi

Anyway, as with any weight management tool… you’ll hardly see a difference if you don’t couple it without proper workout.

Smart move from the people behind Battle Brew cos they teamed up with gyms and fitness centers (cos they workout too!) to introduce people who already workout to improve their fitness experience, and to encourage those who don’t workout (yet) to try and go to the gym sometime to exercise (and not just to stock up on MCT oil lol).

Where do I buy?

You may get your dose of Battle Brew from the following gyms and Crossfit boxes:

CF Mad Minute – https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitMadMinute
CF Taft – https://www.facebook.com/crossfit.taft
Famas Gym – https://www.facebook.com/famasgym
Fight Factory BGC – https://www.facebook.com/fightfactorymanilafortbonifacio
Fight Factory Timog – https://www.facebook.com/fightfactorymanilafortbonifacio
CF Ortigas –  https://www.facebook.com/crossfitortigas
and of course
Crossfit Insurrecto – https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitInsurrecto

For orders, inquiries, and more information, here’s their website: http://battlebrew.ph
Also, do like them on facebook:
Battle Brew: www.facebook.com/BattleBrew
Crossfit Insurrecto:  www.facebook.com/CrossFitInsurrecto

Are you interested in trying this out? Let me knowww! >XD