A very personal blog

to the year that was! thank you 2014!

i’m writing this in advance chunks (cos i never finish an entry in a single sitting, either i can’t find what to say, or i’m babbling too much i don’t know how to end) with the intention of publishing it on the first days month of 2015!

sooooo… here are my 2014 highlights! for this list i scanned my blog archives plus my mobile photos to see how the year went for me, and picked the awesome stuff from there haha.

here, i also made a doodle out of it! enhanced using photoshop and vscocam lol. it’s originally just black and white >XD i wanted to cap off the year doing something i really really love, so i doodled! >XD

oryt i’ll start rambling now [warning: super long post]

homaygas i’m officially an illustrator now *kilig*

The Storytelling Project Book Launch
December 14, 2014
Fully Booked BGC

because i was too lazy, i never got to create a separate post for it. the launch was unlike any other book launch i pass by on the mall haha. it was a children’s party and a storytelling afternoon. and i felt proud and super hopeful that more people will come to support TSP. <3

seeing people read the book and look at the illustrations make me so happy. i know i still have a heck lot to improve on but i’m looking forward to this year to turn me into a better artist!
right now, Super Labandera is only available by ordering through Kuya Rey (or me! so i can forward it to him hehe), but this year it’ll be out on Fully Booked bookstores! i’ll let you know when it’s really really out there! weeeeee! haha

my dream phone. bow

thanks to the ipad air i won over from NuffangPh x Globe Telecom’s contest about #GlobeProjectWonderful2014, i was able to buy a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. you knowww, that phone i’ve been lusting over ever since (read here!).
it’s the first high-end phone i bought, and also the first phone i didn’t want to replace for the longest time *achievement unlocked!*. maybe because my past units were all mid-range and bars that there’s always the urge to upgrade. hehe

won some blogging contests yeyy!

this year i took home an ipad air, a (pending) sponsorship from Globe for TSP, a month subscription from Sky Cable (all channels activated! ambassador privilege — i recall that’s how they termed it >8D), and a couple of free movies: Transformers: Age of Extinction (in 4DX), maleficent, mokingjay, x-men: days of future past, etc.
also, just recently i won a free TRX class at ShapeStream fitness center! haha yeyy 

off Smart and onto Pointwest

i resigned from my first company and got a new job at Pointwest, which is only a good 30 minutes from home. the best thing about this change was that i saved a lot of time for myself. haha

inspiration overload from Graphika Manila 2014

the day i felt most inspired as an artist.

took running seriously…

by enrolling in Milo R2 Apex Running School! i still consider myself a frustrated runner. my lungs are all sorts uncooperative (i think i have paint deposits in them), and so are my knees (esp the right one. read: previously injured). what a combo! but then i looked past them and thought, maybe i’m the problem and not my so-called handicaps lol.
because of MARS i was able to learn a lot about metabolic fitness, i grew some muscles (nakss), i climbed my first mountain, i ran my first non-stop 5k, i became more health conscious, and best of all i gained friends! honestly, i didn’t lose weight, but at least i didn’t gain any either! hehe >XD

first time at Boracay!

i wasn’t able to blog about this adventure with my college barkada but it was one of the best vacations i’ve ever had! 

bought my own domain!

i’ve always wanted to buy my own domain because i wanted to push my blogging to the next level. true enough, having my own .com opened a lot of opportunities for me! yeyy!
jeckie and i turned 3 years
we’ve also been so active in discussing the future, and we both caaaan’t wait! oh sweldo, lumaki ka na please! looking forward to acquiring a house/condo unit/whatever. by God’s grace! <3
hm, that’s probably it! this entry took so long to finish majorly because i always get distracted haha.
anyway. err, back to work. >XD