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The Lost Symbol

before 2014 ended i was busy reading The Lost Symbol, caught yet again by Dan Brown’s gripping storytelling. I’ve decided to put him on top of my favorite authors list now, because every time i read his book my mind reels in suspense and as far as his stories go, there will always be horrible deaths and unexpected traitors!

The Lost Symbol (i always confuse the title with The Secret Code for some reason argh) gave me some sort of enlightenment about masonic rituals, and how biblical they actually are.

nonetheless, i had second thoughts about finishing the book cos it could shake my faith (classic brown).


The masonic pyramid, according to the story, leads to the exact physical location of the secret ‘word’ believed to contain the Ancient Mysteries, which is essentially a manual on harnessing man’s veiled God-like qualities.

as it turns out, this ‘word’ was actually a copy of the Bible, buried underneath a washington monument. i was relieved! i took it as a sign that the Word of God really contains answers, and that i should very well start the year by the reading the Bible. i was thankful of the humble reminder. 🙂


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

re-reading the book for the second time was definitely better. i had a better image of things and was more attentive to the details that were missed out on the movie. i’m having fun reading it! sadly, halfway through and my reading schedule was interrupted by something that demanded more urgent attention…

and that is…


Game of Thrones

i tried watching GoT i guess last year, but the first minutes of the pilot episode scared me enough to decide i will never watch it again in spite of the hype around it telling me otherwise. argh. having white walkers on the first scene scarred my memory i had to brand the acclaimed series as a horror flick not for the faint of hearts.

but you see, jeckie re-introduced the series to me by having me watch its other episodes. since then, i was crazy hooked! and learned better than to get attached to awesome character in hopes they’ll somehow survive GRRM’s fancy for killing them right when they’ve just won my heart.

just a few days ago i closed my late night marathons w/ season 4’s finale, and just in time because i would have to spend the coming nights for another series…

a series of drawings.

Coming Soon

New children’s book project!

this week, i got reco-ed for an illustrating job! thank you kuya rey! yeheyy! it’s the first time i’m charging for my illustration services so i realized it’s okay to drop an intro price, also because i was pretty much asked to give one hehe. Just like with Super Labandera, i don’t have a lot of time left before the deadline so my entire Feb is full to the core. i figured i would have to make the same sacrifices as with my last book; no weekends, all nighters, and maybe even a day off from work. oh well. rush is rush! >XD

i couldn’t complain though! for all its demands, i’m loving this opportunity! i’m excited to sit down and imagine the characters, the scenery. i’m excited to sketch and research, and finally go down to coloring. everything about this project excites me! haha!

i’m also excited to get an office chair for my room. haha

Keynote speaker!

someone from my college invited me to speak for a leadership summit for graduating students and org leaders. i accepted the invitation and am kindof excited. i’m just not sure my excitement will translate to the right words or even uhm, gestures when i’m finally on the stage. haha it makes me super duper nervous thinking about it. but oh well. i got to experience this at least once!

while public speaking is a killer, i’ve always wanted to try it out. see if talking to myself works. haha

that’s pretty much it! excited for the weekend! <3