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Month: January 2015

  • read, reading, watched, and coming soon

    life and what’s up! Read The Lost Symbol before 2014 ended i was busy reading The Lost Symbol, caught yet again by Dan Brown’s gripping storytelling. I’ve decided to put him on top of my favorite authors list now, because every time i read his book my mind reels in suspense and as far as… Continue reading

  • 5 tricks casinos use to keep gamblers playing

    ever wondered what casinos do to keep their customers playing? Source if you’re familiar with Quora, i want you to know it’s one of my favorite sites right now. it’s information haven! ever since i joined the site, i’ve been getting daily digests of super interesting questions and answers that almost always pique my interest.… Continue reading

  • Put YOUR Business in the Limelight: Learn E-Commerce the Right Way!

    Have you ever window-shopped online? Bought coupons at a group buying site? Paid for flights, services, or gadgets over the web? Have you tried selling items over at your Facebook or Instagram accounts? Do you have an online store at eBay or OLX? You may not know it, but you (oh yes, you) are a… Continue reading

  • to the year that was! thank you 2014!

    i’m writing this in advance chunks (cos i never finish an entry in a single sitting, either i can’t find what to say, or i’m babbling too much i don’t know how to end) with the intention of publishing it on the first days month of 2015! sooooo… here are my 2014 highlights! for this list i scanned… Continue reading