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the week that was

haller! how was your week goys? mine was crazy! i’m between meeting two deadlines simultaneously, work and more work… as i put it HAHAHA. the first being Super Labandera, and the latter being my regular 9-5. hahaha

okay so this will be quite an update on what’s up, esp my birthday last week HAHA

Super Labandera

i’m 100% done on every page i needed to illustrate! YAHOOO!!! this is really iiiiit!!! best birthday gift ever!

i’m sharing with you the inside cover because i’ve shared the cover too much already haha, plus one of my favorite pages too! hope you like it! <3

this is such a dream come true for me! this is validation that i still haven’t lost my mojo as an artist. i know there’s still a lot to learn but as long as i keep taking opportunities like this i’m sure i’ll be able to improve a hell lot (and lose a hell lot of sleep too, but that’s a different story. read: time management).

it’s only a matter of time (and funds!) before the book gets published and i’m very happy to be able serve as an instrument to help TSP in its vision of raising a nation of learners by inculcating the habit of reading to young minds in remote communities. education is a cause that’s closest to my heart, it’s what i think the country needs the most.

Carbtrim galore

last saturday, the day before my birthday, something came in the mail for me! guess what, 10 packs of Carbtrim from Unilab! i’m totally devouring this! bwahaha i shared the boxes with my mom and my sister cos we all want see how it works.

as per the label, it works like a carb blocker and has white kidney bean extract as its primary ingredient. based on research studies, it helps reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates. by how much? I DON’T KNOW and it’s good that they didn’t put any % claims on their label like most weight loss products do. 🙂
a single sachet can be added to a glass of hot or cold water, and is preferably taken before meals.
in my opinion, i can’t say it works just yet cos i’m only taking it once a day, before breakfast, and most of the time during breakfast na. hahaha i take it hot cos i’m avoiding cold drinks and i’m taking it on a 16oz mug. IT’S STRONG, by the way. i mean, i can’t believe a single sachet which has so little powder inside could give off so much flavor. IT TASTES SO GOOD i wouldn’t care if i didn’t lose weight. it’s like warm lipton iced tea which is more sour. i love the lemon flavor!
it sells for around 25pesos per sachet and 150pesos per box of 6. it also comes in apple flavor! not a cheap treat i might say, if you’re aiming for 3 glasses a day, but it tastes so good kasi eh try nyo na rin! hehe

Salad love

if you follow me on social media you would know i love salads a loooot. last week i ordered from Salad Mamas (will talk about them in a separate post! watch out!) just to try how it tastes and see how i could replicate some at home. i tried all their variants and loved everything, and after devouring five tubs of salad in one day, i figured i still wanted more! they’re aaaall so good!

so voila, my inspired version of their best sellers… taco salad, and tinapa salad!
nope! i’m not posting the recipe just yet haha but i plan to 😀 just wait for it hihi

this should intrigue you! and all the ingredients are cheap!
not the healthiest of salads honestly, what with the ginormous amounts of cheese, sour cream, and chips i threw in. BUT DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE!!! <3 <3 <3

my team mates birthday surprise!

it’s a tradition in our team to surprise a birthday celebrant with a cake at least, and for my birthday, they gave me this!
a sad red ribbon ensaimada with a sad candle on top. can you feel my sadness? haha chos
but i knew this can’t be it. hard as they try to pull off the joke, they eventually gave in and took out the reaaal thing!

yeheeeyyy! lol as if papayag ako na walang cake diba? hahaha
we sure have been in a lot of pressure lately so it’s kinda cool how we can still laugh w/ each other at the pantry. tapos pag-balik sa work area, galit galit na ulit. choooss. hahaha <3


earlier this day i received these bunch of GCs from NEW Phils. for becoming a media sponsor on their recently concluded Fashion and Beauty Fair Year 2, thank you soooo much!!!!
the GCs are from Franck Provost Paris, Status Hair Salon, I Do Nails, and The Zen Institute. All very high end, and all very far from me. hahaha
i’m planning on giving these away since i’m nowhere near the places where i can use them (most are in Makati, Taguig, and Eastwood). so what do you think? i’m actually kindof wary of asking people to share my blog because FB still hates me. i’m still being asked for a captcha everytime i post my site, so thaaaat sucks big time.
anyway. haha
that’s probably it. will try to work on my backlog tomorrow! 
happy weekend and God bless you goys! <3