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Help my friend win a Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding!

My friend is getting married soon and would love it if you could help her win her dream wedding! Please help me gather votes for her by doing the following:

1. Go to https://apps.facebook.com/dream-wedding/

2. Click on ‘Top 10 Videos’

3. Look for Inez Celestino and click ‘View

4. Then click ‘Vote

That’s it! You don’t have to watch the video, or even share that you voted, but of course it would be very much appreciated it you do!
Do this daily until November 26 and help her realize her dream wedding! A prenup photoshoot by Pat Dy and a SDE from Jason Magbanua lang naman ang prize! bongga!
We still need some major ass kicking to do with the votes, they’re currently on second but we’re very very near that #1 spot.
So, help us please? 😀
Trivia: they’re getting wed on March 14, 2015 and are both Math teachers! that’s kind of a Pi wedding you knoooow! hahaha cool no? osya let’s vote in and make this epic wedding epicer (ano raw)!
Thank youuuu!