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Month: November 2014

  • the week that was

    haller! how was your week goys? mine was crazy! i’m between meeting two deadlines simultaneously, work and more work… as i put it HAHAHA. the first being Super Labandera, and the latter being my regular 9-5. hahaha okay so this will be quite an update on what’s up, esp my birthday last week HAHA Super… Continue reading

  • [Call for Sponsors] The Storytelling Project BOOK LAUNCH!

    this month has been one of my busiest ever, the project we’re working on at the office is under debug fixing so our hours have been very much in demand lately, including the weekends (which i sooo hate haha). then last month i got a wake up call from kuya rey and ate grace about… Continue reading

  • Help my friend win a Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding!

    My friend is getting married soon and would love it if you could help her win her dream wedding! Please help me gather votes for her by doing the following: 1. Go to 2. Click on ‘Top 10 Videos’ 3. Look for Inez Celestino and click ‘View‘ 4. Then click ‘Vote‘ That’s it! You don’t… Continue reading

  • We are #TeamChocolateMousse!

    the Christian life is a daily struggle, which is why i always turn to these beautiful ladies to affirm my resolve whenever i feel like the week has taken its toll on my good side. i thank God that i was given a wonderful victory group who has been very supportive of everything i do,… Continue reading

  • thank God

    // because i was able to hold off publishing my previous draft because i swear, i’d be doomed for the amount of hatred i channeled on that post. // also, i thank God that i was able to sleep some 12 hours last thursday cos i needed an immense amount of energy and creativity to… Continue reading

  • Something wicked is brewing over at FYI!

    happy weekend goys! I hope you’re doing well and is enjoying the day! 🙂 remember last month when I plugged in a couple of new shows that are going to premiere at FYI soon? Well, they will be rolling out REALLY SOON so i’m giving you a heads up on what to look forward to… Continue reading