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i had a dream

i was running late for some marathon that i think was sponsored by nike when i got a fit of rashes on my arms, much like what i had thursday last week (in real life*). i rushed back to the house to get some antihistamine, careful not to bump into my mom for fear that she’ll notice my horrible rashes and stop me from joining the run. the end. haha

* thursday night i had a scary allergy attack. scary because my allergies usually just bring me to an indefinite wheeze fest to the point of my ribs aching, but never rashes. round red itchy spots, sprouting on all parts of my body, aching to be scratched. around 8pm that night i started getting itchy on my shoulders. when i went to the bathroom i realized my arms are already full of uninvited redness, and so are my thighs and torso. craaaaaap. >XS i got really scared and wondered what i could possibly have eaten that may have caused the outbreak.

it was really unusual because the only different thing i ate that day would be a cinnamon roll from starbucks, but i had it for breakfast so if i was allergic to it, that’s quite a big delay for a reaction. plus, it’s not my first time eating that. T__T the only other food item i ate is a homemade tuna sandwich, which is – again -, not new to me. i was wondering if i came in contact with some higad or something, or maybe it’s just that my jacket hasn’t been washed in 3 weeks na haha! ewan ko ba.

i wanted to rush to the ER but i have a ton of stuff to do (read: OT) and i might not be able to finish it on time if uhm, prioritize my health. #chos

ano raw? kala mo kung sinong workaholic and super dedicated employee eh no.

nope. don’t put in that basket cos i’m hardly employee of the month material. haha i’m just concerned about my tasks, which should be finished a lot of days prior but then look at me! with no sense of urgency, and a habit of cramming, you’d really think i’m one big nominee for the most-dedicated-kahit-kinakati-na-sya award ON THAT DAY. the previous weeks were so blah i just want to get home and sleep.

which leads me to the real “dejavu”

Overtime and time again

i’ve been struggling to accept the “fact” that my job is really prone to OTs. around this time 2 years ago, it was also OT season for our team because we had to finish a development project. uhuh. sounds family diba. haha i don’t really mind rendering over times, you get extra money for what it’s worth, but you lose precious sleep. something my mom has been aggressively nagging me about most  specially when i decided to work for 15 straight hours, jog at the break of dawn, then head back to work for another 7 hours.

she was so mad, and i was so sorry. i was awake for some 30 hours total and honestly Starbucks’ Cafe Americano did the most part in keeping my nerves up. it’s a crazy upper. i love it. but i’m not taking it unless i really really need to stay awake for long hours. >XS that’s a tip and a word of warning for you, so… you’re welcome! haha

Time trial

5k group reprezent!

if i told anyone i was jogging after an almost double shift, they’d most probably think i’m stupid. and i would to. i knew i was being stupid by choosing to run despite an apparent lack of sleep. maybe that’s what all nighters do to your brain, they suck out your reasoning and push you to do self destructive things. >XS

but i didn’t regret it. i was so alive the entire run. i had a good 3k run around UMAK’s oval (from qc to makati in the break of dawn! oyeah!), and the blasted drills worked me up big time. then there’s our carbo loading party after that got me extremely elated because someone brought MAKI. trays full of maki. maki that i happily devoured. i was literally glued to the chair where the maki’s are sitting. i was so happy. >XD the run was worth it. i didn’t feel weak or anything… but i knew i still had to rest. of course. >XD


that was last week! how was your week? 😀