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[Review] Mad for Pizza: Toppings all you want!

a month back jeckie and i dined in this relatively new pizza parlour around Tomas Morato, which offers a very enticing option for food lovers and pizza lovers alike: CHOOSE YOUR OWN TOPPINGS. talk about Project Pie (which i haven’t tried yet haha)! but it’s not just that, it’s TOPPINGS ALL YOU WANT too! and i meant standing in front of a buffet of toppings and commanding your personal pizza maker to put whatever you like, in whatever amount! cool beans.

aside for that signature offering they also serve an array of comfort foods like pasta, rice dishes, nachos, desserts, and drinks, so if you’re not really into the entire DIY pizza craze, you can still enjoy the restaurant’s other offerings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the menu ๐Ÿ™‚

anyway, we came for the pizza so here it goes!

for only 285 pesos you get a customized 9 inch pizza with your choice of dough, sauce, and toppings! here’s how our first visit went (yessss because i was craving so much for it that we had to try it for the second time haha!)

How to order your toppings all you want pizza!

3 steps only!

Step 1: Choose your dough

you start by ordering the type of thin crust dough you want, they have classic, herb, garlic parmesan, and spinach doughs.

Step 2: Choose your sauce

take your pick of the sauce. they serve house pizza, roasted garlic alfredo, frio diablo, and barbecue sauce. after deciding on those, they’ll prepare your dough and sauce, then call you at the front to finally load your toppings on! ๐Ÿ™‚

then comes the good part!

Step 3: Choose all the toppings you want!

They offer a super wide range of quality toppings, you’ll go crazy about the possibilities!

on my first visit i chose garlic parmesan dough, and roasted garlic alfredo sauce. then i went crazy with the toppings!

i didn’t take tabs on what i put in, but i asked for a lot of mozzarella, green and red bell peppers, all those sausages, chicken, garlic, beef, all the green herbs, olives, mushrooms, lots of tomatoes, bacon, parmesan, and another hefty loot of mozzarella. i had every intention to make this piece worthy of the restaurant’s claim of toppings all you want so i didn’t hold back! >XD

and voila! this was how my pizza looked before it was sent off to the oven. ๐Ÿ™‚

and this one below was jeckie’s pizza! 
he had more mozzarella, a handful of cream cheese, lots of beef, bacon, steak slices, sausages, tomatoes, etc. his pizza was almost all meat and no greens at all. a carnivore’s heaven, yes. and i must admit, his pizza looks taller than mine! hahaha i was so impressed! he was the first one to be called in front so i watched him give orders on what to put, how much to put, and blah. you might think it’s nakakahiya that we’re putting so much on our doughs, but TIP #1: DON’T BE! the pizza makers were also very generous and obedient so there’s no room for guilt! hahaha >XD 

we waited almost 30 minutes for our freshly baked oven pizza to arrive, but we didn’t complain cos we knew we had to let every mass of that pizza cook evenly! and when it came…


My pizzaaaaaaa

it smelled good, and the toppings towered over the crispy thin crust beautifully like some over garnished herb pizza! best of all, it also tasted awesome! >XD jeckie didn’t like it though cos it’s screaming herbs but i super duper love it! the smell of rosemary is intoxicating!

on the other hand, here was jeckie’s super flavorful pizza!

Tips for your enjoyment, and the difference with our SECOND VISIT

i already gave you Tip #1 above which basically means don’t be shy if you think you’re putting too much on your dough. as long as you believe it’s going to make your pizza experience more awesome, then go for it!

here’s my Tip #2, and i realized this during our second visit. if you can, always request to do your pizza hands-on. that way you get to experience what we did, which is to choose all the toppings we want, in WHATEVER AMOUNT. #sugapaLungs

on our second visit which was 2 weeks after our first , we noticed they’re giving out a checklist of toppings to customers. you can still opt to check everything you want, but by submitting to the checklist mode, you lose your chance to control the amount of your toppings on your pizza haha. this may be convenient to those who didn’t want to stand up though! but i think it’s their way of controlling their toppings inventory, and also to save preparation time.

sooo, if you’re not really hungrybods like us. the checklist will still give you an equally great experience!

so on that day, we were offered the checklist but we declined and asked if we could still go in front to choose our toppings live, and we did! so there you go! what i’m telling is, they now offer 2 ways to prepare your pizza, via checklist and via uhm, live selection of toppings?

the difference…

i have pretty much the same preference in toppings so i picked the same stuff, but i noticed that they were really controlling the portions now. i asked for the usual rounds of mozzarella but my pizza maker remarked that it’s going to be too salty already! aw! but that didn’t stop me, sabi ko na lang, i like it salty! hahaha >XD

My verdict

even with their apparent efforts in controlling their inventory of toppings, i would say it’s still worth the 285 pesos we paid for! i don’t want them to go out of business just because some people couldn’t control their hungry eyes (takaw tingin represent!) or simply wanted to stretch their marketing claim *ouch*. i have yet to bring my sister here cos this is her kind of food coma! >XD

magka-ganun man. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS OUT. i’m putting this review under the Must Try! category because that’s where i put my awesome food finds!

Location, contact, and stuff

Mad for Pizza
2nd floor, Il Terrazzo Building

305 Tomas Morato Ave., corner Scout Madrinan St.

Quezon City
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Twitter: @MadForPizza
Instagram: @MadForPizza