A very personal blog

busy much

i’ve been meaning to blog about what’s up lately like personally haha but it always gets crossed off by priority blog posts. HAHAHA andami dami ko ng pending na dapat isulat. SO LITTLE TIME.

anyhow. this month is probably the busiest month i’ve had this year, as in covering most aspects of my life. HAHA

as a blogger

// restaurant invite

last week i got invited to a restaurant for the first time! i feel like a legit food blogger!
here’s my review + my very first giveaway. PLEASE JOIN. suportahan nyo naman ang ilusyon ng lola nyo na mag thrive ang blog na ito. oh yeah!

when i went there, i was clueless about what to do. i was waiting for my new found friend (yay!) dems, to get my prize from one of her blog contests (buti na laaang haha), and also to inquire about what to do! was the food free? how do i say good bye? #suchaloner hahaha it’s good to know at least someone in the place. #OPmuch haha

dems and i with my prizes! Nail Cocktales GC’s and grab taxi coupons! super thaaaanks! >XD the plan is to use these GCs during the 35th MIBF cos it’s almost in one place, aaaand buy this deal from ensogo to maximize our savings and still get awesome mani-pedi’s! haha

// product campaign

just recently i got involved in a campaign for Dial Coco Water line of products. it was fun and rewarding at the same time! i was hesitant about posting a fansign, pero keri lang. yaman din lamang na pinopromote ko tong blog na to. lulubusin ko na by annoying you goys with my fez.

// blogapalooza 2014

i’m excited for this, and so is my friend tinaaaa! oh come on Sept 20 come closerrr!

as a minstry worker

// superhero day at Kid’s Church!

we held a superhero costume day one sunday and all the teachers dressed up in their most convincing hero attire! it was a day full of games and fun and honestly nakakapagod but it was all well worth it!

it feels heartwarming when you ask the kids who their superhero is and in unison, they all say “JESUS!” aww. Jesus is our superhero indeed!
// coming up!
a lot of things are also coming up for the team and i’m sooo excited! we’ll be having a teacher’s convergence next month, and another game night too! >XD waaaaahh
// finally into discipling
yeheyy! i’ll be doing One2One with someone soon! i never thought i’d come to this point where i’ll be willing to teach someone about Christ. jeckie knows how much i despised the thought before. ang galing how i’m so excited over it now. God works miracles talaga. >XD 
and the miraculous part of it was how God presented me with the opportunity to disciple. we were conducting our victory group meeting outside the cinema and while waiting for others, nagkwentuhan muna kami, our vg leader asked me if i was doing One2One with someone. i said no, but i wanted to already. and guess what, like an answered prayer, before our discussion started, the other group conducting their vg beside us introduced a new member to us kasi they’re all male on the other side.
i was like. wow. Lord. iba ka talaga. <3

as a MARSIAN on her weight loss journey

MARS 9 (Milo R2-Apex Running School Season 9) has just started and it’s only been 2 meetings but i’m already so wasak to the core. 
last monday was our first meeting and grabe lang the workouts. so intense. i woke up aching all over! until now i’m still not fully recovered but i had to attend our 2nd training day para bongga ang pagpapa-macho diba pero GRABE GRABE LANG! malapit na ko himatayin sa pagod like seriously. i had to skip TABATA earlier because after the extended 4min. workout, i was already feeling nauseous and my vision is starting to black out. good thing i didn’t pass out cos ayoko hahaha.
with Coach Toni and Jim Saret
aw. they’re now like one of my favorite couples! coach toni and jim saret are both gorgeous and super fit and suuuuper inspiring!
in fairness naman to their training program, HIIT and TABATA packed. overall workout time amounts to around than 30 minutes per session lang, including warm up and cool down. the remaining minutes are filled with motivation, waterbreaks and kwentuhans hehehe 
ang saya saya. sana kayanin ko pa!

as a woman in love (naks haha)

// we’re nearing our 3rd yeaaar!
jeckie and i are celebrating our 3rd anniversary this month and we’re still clueless on what do to, or where to go! do you have any suggestions? we’re done with buffets and museums and we want to do something different this year. if we’re gonna travel, we prefer day tours only! 
any suggestions? >XD

as an emplourghyee

emphasis on the urgh please. same old. but i’m finding my tasks more tolerable right now. for some reason. i just hope this feeling translates to deliverables cos i’m always always behind track. haha please pray for me! >XD