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new domain!

i finally bought my own domain! i always thought it was too expensive to get one but then it’s actually very cheap naman pala! GoDaddy has an existing promo when i bought mine this week and i only paid php 824.something for 2 years subscription!

dati kasi, i thought .com websites are hosted where they bought the domain. true. and back then i wanted my blog on a .com. kaso, i was afraid i’ll have to move to an entirely different blogging platform, then it’ll take too much space that i had to buy the most expensive web hosting plan with unlimited storage because what if i post too much pictures and it eats up my bandwidth? SO WRONG HAHA. apparently, my posts and everything stays at blogspot naman pala! it’s just being redirected to a different domain. >XD yey. haha

ang exciting. grabe. amazeballs. i’ve always wanted my own domain but i never really had enough reasons and resources back then. but now! thank you Lord! hahaha

this week i learned a lot of things about setting up your own domain. i see a lot of online businesses offering this type of service, and i thought it couldn’t be too hard to do it myself since all i had to do was pay for the domain and set everything up, by that i mean looking into google for tutorials on how to! #easyPeasy >XD

anyway, i encountered a couple of bummers too…

1. apparently, there’s a different setup when it comes to using naked domains ( without the www). somehow it feels like using the naked domain is SLOWER. that’s kindof sad for me cos that’s the address i want to promote. >X(

2. naturally, a new domain means new blog stats as well. no backlinks, PR, DA, PA, and all those SEO metrics i just recently learned about. AS IF naman i was ranking before no? haha echos lang yan.

i’m hopeful i’ll get ranked someday! haha

a change on design perspective:

since i decided i wanted to somehow earn from this site, i had to overhaul my entire blog design to maximize ad placements without being too cluttered. i see a lot of well earning sites that aren’t visually appealing and while it hurts to know that apparently, good design hardly counts where blog monetizing is involved, i still wanted my blog to reflect my OCD self at least. HAHA

content and design now hold equal weights in my scale of ‘what makes a good blog’. i usually don’t care about what i write cos i wanted to keep things ‘personal’, but it matters a lot if my site looked pretty or not. haha! or at least organized! >XD

looking back, i was all about putting my art at the front. i adored big headers displaying my drawings, graphics, and old school javascript sliders of my latest artworks and all. but now i realized they’re taking too much space and page loading time that i decided to just hide them in a category and trim the header to accommodate ads. now i just have a small header, but at least i was able to affix 2 leader boards there! haha come on CTR. haha

i settled for a responsive template for one thing: MOBILE.

and look, i finally have a logo!

it’s a simple monogram made from some script font i got over at i was supposed to draw it by hand but i thought, why bother when there are awesome fonts out there anyway! >XD haha

i’m excited to turn it into mock-up items like business cards, RESUMES, and other paraphernalia. hahaha eneveh.


i’m still pretty stoked about the whole thing. i couldn’t even focus on work because i was so excited to setup my domain! haha thank you so much Lord for this gift! >XD hihi